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SOORTY Launches Newest Denim Innovative Concept: Design for Longevity

Soorty, one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim companies, is pleased to announce its newest denim design philosophy based on innovation, Longevity, which emphasizes their commitment to making quality clothing that can last for generations and brings awareness to the environmental impacts of fashion production and consumption. This concept will be a part of their upcoming collection, Philosophy of Denim, which consists of responsible denim pieces that are made to last and designed for all lifestyles for everyone. These collections can be viewed during Kingpins Amsterdam and at Soorty’s New York creative showroom, SpaceD.

SOORTY Launches Newest Denim Innovative Concept: Design for Longevity

According to a study by EU science hub, over 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase, which has been an inspiring driver for Soorty while developing their new concept. Longevity is an approach to design as a tool of improvement, where fabrics are woven with carefully selected materials and vigorous construction processes to increase product life spans. Crafted to be a canvas for jeans that will last and not be thrown away, it aims to evoke a sustainable future where companies and consumers around the world come together to rethink fashion. Designed for purpose, the Longevity concept aims to decrease one’s impact on fashion’s contribution to textile waste and climate change via functional and emotional durability.

“Trends changing constantly, seeing people we follow in new places, wearing their new clothes, trying new tastes on social media all the time. I feel like our obsession with newness is burdening in a sense. So, we asked ourselves; in a culture so obsessed with new, how can we design clothes that lend themselves to longevity in both the physical and psychological realm? Approaching longevity as a mindset, and design as a tool was the answer – inspired from the circular patterns of nature, treasuring the resources we are using, to make clothing that will last, be owned, and loved yet can be repurposed when need be.” Says Eda Dikmen, Marketing & Communications Manager at Soorty.

All products have a lifecycle, and Soorty believes both designers and consumers, play a critical role in determining that. As producers of denim and jeans they define their role with design for longevity as a key here, while continuing to inform, inspire and educate consumers as well as other stakeholders on the responsible options which can make a product make last longer, using each resource as efficiently as possible via their communication platform Future Possibilities.

Strength of a fabric is dependent on multiple facets, from the fibers used in the yarns, the way it was woven, to the processes it goes through and the way it was finished. It is measured with special tests conducted in laboratories where tear (weft and warp) and tensile (weft and warp) strength is measured against an applied force. Soorty has conducted tests to compare its Longevity fabrics with those woven in similar constructions, and similar weights. The tests have shown, implementing the high-quality raw materials and the vigorous processes of production, helped weave fabrics proven to be on average x2 times stronger.

Being a design-centric company, Soorty believes in purpose-driven design as a tool of improvement which allows allocation and utilization of correct resources efficiently. Soorty is actively trying to bring good socially & environmentally by simply producing the most responsible denim fabrics and garments they possibly can. Soorty approaches production as an ongoing process, considering designing systems and philosophies that will bring the positive impact the industry needs.

As one of the largest vertical denim manufacturers in the world, Soorty knows that production at scale has the power to change things and they are dedicated to making the impact on the environment, a positive one, by using less of what is limited while making more and better use of it. Soorty is truly at the forefront of sustainability, inclusivity, technology, and education in the industry. Soorty has invested in disruptive technologies that drive more sustainable production practices, help reduce the natural resource footprint and help deliver a more planet-friendly apparel industry.

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