Soorty Hosts Open House at Creative Room SpaceD Showroom in NYC


Soorty Hosts Open House at Creative Room SpaceD Showroom in NYC With Collaborators from Lenzing, The Lycra Company, Jeanologia, and more!

Soorty, one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim companies, is hosting their third open house event, “Design for Circularity” at SpaceD – their creative showroom in New York, on January 9th and 10th.

Design for Circularity” at SpaceD - their creative showroom in New YorkSoorty has joined forces with some great names — Lenzing, The Lycra Company, Jeanologia, Scrap New York, Marmara Hemp and Decode — for the event, driving the collective effort toward a circular fashion world. The supply chain partners come together to show how circular denim is made possible via Soorty’s vertical integration that enables fiber innovation and smart laundry to merge. The cross-industry partners on the other hand are those run with shared values and goals. Come celebrate a collective movement that brings the pioneering & game-changing players of the industry together.

To kick off the open house, Soorty and their partners will host a series of programs and workshops that highlight the latest conscious technologies and collections.
Various engagements will take place — Tuncay Kılıçkan, Head of Global Business Development at Lenzing, and Ebru Özaydın, Strategic Marketing Director in Denim in The LYCRA Company, will share more on the recent fiber innovations, and how weaving fabric with these technologies help build circular denim, from fiber to finish. Patrick Metellus, Founder of Scrap NYC, will talk about how the dream of reducing NYC’s textile waste and having a much cleaner city became what it is today. A dedicated donation box will be on site for guests to drop-off their used garments to be recycled. Jeremy Soldado, Miami Hub Manager at Jeanologia, will share how the brand and Soorty are scaling up Smart Laundry solutions by merging creativity with innovation. Danielle Elsener, Founder of Decode, and Zero Waste Design Collective, will talk about the power of design on climate change while hosting a limited capacity zero waste design workshop. where visitors will have a chance to experience the philosophy through a hand-on engagement.

The supply chain partners — The Lycra Company, Lenzing, Marmara Hemp, Jeanologia, and Soorty — will present a capsule collection that brings fiber innovation and smart laundry together. Utilizing fabrics woven with the conscious fibers from The Lycra Company, Lenzing, Marmara Hemp, as well as recycled cotton that is produced in Soorty’s state of the art recycling facility, and laundry & finishing that is conducted by Jeanologia technologies such as G2 Dynamic and Laser. Some garments of the collection will be finished by Soorty, and some by Jeanologia themselves in Spain (Valencia) and the US (Miami). The capsule collection is focused on a small scale, and to the point production, highlighting that the route to circularity and sustainability becomes much easier to walk when together, that working collectively and producing responsibly is the way forward.

Guests will have the chance to see collections made with these new responsible technologies, meet the partners and hear what’s new. These two special days will be dedicated to Soorty’s partners and the projects they’ve designed together. Live chats will commence on the values of partnerships, the changes that have been embraced following the pandemic, and how they have reflected to new realities including the clothes being worn and produced.

SpaceD is a collaborative and purpose-driven hub that aims to bring collective action, a passion for denim, creativity, and innovation together. With the creative room at a very central location in Flatiron NYC, Soorty and their partners continue to welcome guests and customers to review the recent innovations and developments serving the US market, as well as providing services such as sharing the latest on forecasting trends and demands of the industry along with designing tailor-made capsule collections. Soorty’s SpaceD serves as a meeting location for brands and conscious individuals to actively meet new, innovative, game changing creatives, and to build valuable collaborations and partnerships for the future. These brands aim to accelerate progress towards a sustainable denim sector, in which denim clothing and fabrics are used smartly and economically, and waste and pollution are kept to a minimum.

Soorty strives every day to do the best they can against textile landfills. This includes both recycling and repurposing efforts, as well as partnering with the right names in the industry that share similar values. Driven by their motto DENIM AS A POWER OF GOOD, Soorty believes a change for the better is only possible if the denim value chain works in partnership to bring awareness to consumers and industry leaders of their options; meaning education and transparent communication become main pillars of the conversation.

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