Soko Chimica introduced the new innovative product line ‘Lumia’


Soko Chimica, a chemical business, has commented about the positive industry response to its latest product,  Lumia, and claims that the extent of its benefits is broader than first believed.

The denim industry has spent the last ten years or so looking for alternatives to potassium permanganate and hypochlorite in order to achieve fading effects and antique looks, and many of these options are based on oxidizing chemicals. However, according to the Italian corporation, these can sometimes harm fabric strength, damage metal elements in machinery, or have a negative impact on workers’ health.

Lumia does not require heat and is triggered by ozone. According to Soko, it’s simple to regulate because it works in dry conditions and can be applied locally or all over the body, highlighting laser features or producing an overall bleach look once nebulized inside the machine.

Soko collaborates with fabric mills to design products and build sustainable collections, resulting in products that have a smaller environmental impact. Lumia was utilized in Tejidos Royo’s denim collection, which was dyed with one of the most environmentally friendly techniques on the market – Dry Indigo / Dry Black – with “optimal and astonishing” results. “Thanks to the various applications we’ve produced so far, we’ve realized that its potential is even bigger than we expected at the beginning,” said Luca Braschi, a consultant at Soko. Customers are quite enthusiastic.”

“We first developed Lumia as a potassium permanganate alternative, but many laundries who tried it found the full-body bleaching much more appealing, especially the ability to bleach garments without water and without the difficulties associated with hypochlorite.”

In Bangladesh Market, Pure Chemicals, led by Mr Forhad Hossan represent this Italian Chemical Company- SOKO Chimica. 

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