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“SME Industries Need to be inspired by Government Agencies for more export growth”- Eftakher Mahmood

Who is Behind the Brand and Fashion?

Washing is the technological heart of Denim Garments manufacturing and fashion. In a wide range, Big Denim factories’ own wash facility, many small wash factories are relentlessly supporting our Denim industry to uplift our Global Top Position. There are around 1000 small-medium wash facility providers’ factories in Bangladesh. Raz Dry and Wet process Ltd. is one of the SME wash facilities who are playing vital role for attracting Diversified Global market. In 2015, Raz Dry and wet Process Ltd. started its Journey.  By overcoming very hurdle situation Raz Dry and Wet Process is supporting our world top Denim Industry.

Recently Team Denim Focus talked with Eftakher Mahmood, Managing Director, Raz Dry & Wet Process Ltd. Mr. Eftakher shared his journey with his factory and also disclosed some concerning issues of Small & Medium Industry that should be taken care by Government and other Apex bodies.

“SME Industries Need to be inspired by Government Agencies for more export growth”- Eftakher Mahmood

Motivation behind starting this business:

Basically my past job experience is related to Garments Industry. When I was doing job in garments industry, I noticed that for denim Industry, washing support is a must needed thing. I used to take support by doing subcontract from other factories. That time I faced some problems like make them understood my choice about fashion. Then I realized to start this wash factory by my own as I have my personal expertise.

Another point is, Dry and Wet wash process is heart of denim products.  Denim will be lucrative if we can make wash more fashionable. From this perspective, I have been inspired to make some good fashion for the industry and started Raz Dry and Wash Process Ltd.

Fashion industries’ reflect Society –

As I said, washing is the route or heart of Denim Fashion; we are aware about our customer Demand Diversity and inclusion from Fashion.

Market Strength and Wash Specialty:  

“SME Industries Need to be inspired by Government Agencies for more export growth”- Eftakher MahmoodCurrently we are exporting product to EU, USA, Russian Federation, as well Asian Market.  We are continuing wash keeping in mind the customer demand and future fashion. At this moment we are doing more R&D for creating new design for denim.  We also have all the technology, facilities for all kinds of fashion. We may lack of Automation, however we are doing manually all kinds of styles and fashion.

As I earlier mentioned that we are the deemed wash factory directly supporting to our denim, non-denim export garment industries. . Our production capacity is 30 thousands to 40 thousands pc per day for both denim and non-denim followed to customer quality concern.


SME factory like us are the deem Exporters. We are not directly exporting but we are strongly contributing to our economy by supporting RMG sectors and increasing export volume.   But unfortunately we are not getting any kind of support from our Govt even in Covid pandemic.  During the pandemic we suffered a lot. Unfortunately Govt. only supported exporter garments industry. We the backward linkage supporters are not even considered by Government.

Message to the Industry:

There are around 1000 small medium wash factories who need more response and facility to improve their efficiency to support rest of the industry. We the small medium enterprises who are doing business ethically without having any bank loan and liabilities need to be inspired by Govt and other Apex Bodies rather than those factories who are running with govt  incentive, stimulus fund and others.

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