Signing ceremony Logic ERP with Evince Group


Since its inception in 1983, Evince Group continues to expand vertically and is regarded as one of the leading and most diversified independent manufacturing conglomerates in the apparel and textile industry of Bangladesh by the dynamic leadership of the visionary leader Mr. Anwar-ul Alam Chowdhury- Chairman, Evince Group, (President- BCI 2021-2023, Ex-President BGMEA-2007-2009, Ex-Director FBCCI-2006-2007)

From a small-scale beginning in 1983, Mr. Anwar-ul Alam Chowdhury has successfully diversified the operations, both vertically and horizontally, through his vision and tenacity. The group now has a total of 11 industries. Out of which, the Garments, Textile, Design and Fashion and Retail Business & employing more than 10,000 employees.

By realizing the fundamental requirements to meet Industry 4.0, many industries among the textile and RMG sector of Bangladesh have approached their business automation and decided to implement ERP.

Mr. Shah Rayeed Chowdhury- Director, Evince Group and one of the most prominent faces among the youth leader across the Textile & RMG industry, contributing from many verticles for more development bring significant changes of this sector for meeting the challenges of the upcoming era. By realising the upcoming changes and challenges he decided to step for the process and business automation at Evance Group and tried to find the best automation partner having user-friendly intelligent integrated solution with unbeatable business coverage area, experienced and having the iconic success ratio of implementation.

Within this wind of change, Evance Group selected Platform ERP, developed by Logic Software Limited as their strategic partner by considering the distinct facts than the others that this Platform ERP successfully automated more than 150 renowned industries of the textile and RMG sector’s of Bangladesh for its unbeatable area of business-coverage, experience, successful solution provider for any logical complex scenarios, team strength and ability to face the challenges in the upcoming time.

They considered the experience and strategic points of Mr. K.B. Mamoor, Managing Director, Logic Software Ltd. Mr. Mamoor, the prominent face and one of the promising contributors for the largest economical sector of this nation, having the experience to work for more than an era with a blend of both complex sectors as Textile & RMG and Information Technology with an iconic success ratio.

On 14th June 2021, by the presence and with the blessings of Mr. Anwar-ul Alam Chowdhury- Chairman, Evince Group, Mr. K.B. Mamoor and Mr. Shah Rayeed Chowdhury signed an agreement regarding the implementation of Platform ERP for the business and process automation and integration of Evince Group.

Mr. Alam Chowdhury and Mr. Rayeed Chowdhury expecting a very impressive journey with Logic Software Ltd. while this company gained the experience of an era to handle such a complex process successfully and the root from the same industry.

Mr. Mamoor ensured the best support during implementation to automate their industries within a reasonable time and post-implementation service for the smooth operation in future tenure.