Prada Lauched Organic Denim Collection


The luxury house Prada has recently launched its pre-fall 2021collection, an organic & ethical denim collection, intending to continue the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The brand’s “Organic Denim Washed Process” combines organically sourced cotton with certain features not practiced during traditional denim production. Sourced ethically from organic farmers, the production of the collection’s denim has a low environmental footprint and is free of pesticides and fertilizers. Through the utilization of an “Acquasave” system, the brand saves, on average, 10 liters of water for each meter of fabric. Both of these initiatives help to improve the brand’s EIM (environmental impact measurement) — a metric that has become increasingly important for brands. Clearly, for Prada, sustainability is more than an empty promise.

The collection combines a certain ready-to-wear flair with a unique sense of utility.

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