Pangaia recently launched sustainable denim collection made by Himalaya Nettle


Pangaia recently launched sustainable denim collection for the first time ever. With the debut of their first-ever denim line, sustainable lifestyle company Pangaia is branching out into a new area. While the celebrity-favorite company is most known for its soft loungewear sets, Pangaia has lately expanded into sportswear, outerwear, cashmere, shoes, and more, with Pangaia Denim being the brand’s first step into denim.

Pangaia denim is made using PANettle™—a blend of naturally regenerative wild Himalayan nettle, organic cotton and treated with PPRMINT™ for longer lasting freshness. They used wild Himalayan nettle to diversify our material sources and help reduce dependency on conventional cotton. Dyed using state-of-the-art water and dye saving processes, Fully biobased, cellulose thread, Non-galvanized, stainless-steel buttons that can be recycled, Unique PANGAIA purple-line detail

Sustainable side of Himalaya Nettle-

  • Grows wild and abundantly in the Himalayan mountain forests
  • Naturally regenerative resource meaning it grows back every year, with shoots reaching up to 3m in height
  • Helps support local communities by providing off-season work for farmers who wild-harvest the raw material without disruption to their farm activities
  • Promotes root growth to help soil stabilization in landslide prone mountains
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