PANGAIA and unspun Introduce New Capsule Featuring PANGAIA PANhemp™ Denim

PANGAIA and unspun Introduce New Capsule Featuring PANGAIA PANhemp™ Denim

PANGAIA introduces the second launch in its denim portfolio with a new material, PANhemp™. Made with rain-fed Hemp, the fully plant-based fabric will be available in four, genderless styles available exclusively on the brand website starting today.

Building the brand’s mission to use technology to expand innovation and inclusivity in lifestyle products, on November 11, PANGAIA will introduce PANhemp™ on the new unspun app, the technology-enabled platform creates denim made to order, made to fit, and made to last.

unspun creates the world’s best-fitting jeans by designing custom products with 3D body scan technology. Today marks the introduction of unspun’s new AI-powered app. Now from the comfort of home, people can take a 10-second iPhone scan which develops a custom pattern that is transformed into one-of-a-kind jeans in PANhemp™. PANGAIA is the first partner to leverage the new unspun app, previously the technology was only available at select retail locations.

Designed to provide a fit tailored to every body, PANGAIA x unspun capsule disrupts the denim industry through technology and material science innovation. The capsule has a lower impact on the planet by reducing waste through on-demand production. Each pair of jeans are one-of-one—custom made from PANhemp™ and organic cotton, dyed with natural indigo, and treated with PPRMINT™ oil to stay fresher for longer.

“We feel it’s extremely fitting that PANGAIA means “all-inclusive mother earth” because unspun’s collaboration with PANGAIA brings both inclusivity (through every body custom fit) and sustainability (through zero inventory and new-age materials) to the main stage. This is a powerhouse collaboration between a beautiful product made of dreamy, environmentally-friendly materials and technology that brings fashion into the next century. unspun has not found a partner more aligned in its values to protect the earth and save humanity than PANGAIA. PANGAIA and unspun are banding together to make UN SDGs #12 and #13 possible. PANGAIA has a noble mission to save the environment and we at unspun are grateful to help PANGAIA get closer to reaching it.” – Beth Esponnette, Co-Founder, unspun

In addition to bringing custom PANhemp™ to the unspun app, PANGAIA will add to its denim portfolio with four new PANhemp™ styles. The capsule is available only on the PANGAIA site. PANhemp™ expands the biodiversity of the brand’s fabric portfolio and offers denim at a variety of price points.

PANGAIA partnered with Jonathan Cheung to develop this exclusive, 13 oz denim in collaboration with the innovative denim mill, Orta in Turkey. The entirely plant-based fabric is made with rain-fed hemp, organic cotton, and select washes in the collection are dyed with natural indigo.

“unspun’s technology doesn’t care what gender you are, what ethnicity, what age, what body shape or what size. It just cares about you being you. There’s a beautiful simplicity to that idea. Right from the start, we called this project “the everybody jeans”. We are proud to work with unspun and when you see the custom fits, it’s hard not to think that you looking at a glimpse of the future. The one-of-a-kind PANhemp™ fabric is made with organic cotton and rain-fed hemp, dyed with natural indigo from the Indigofera plant. It is then woven in reverse to create our signature, rare, left-hand twill. The result is a unique, completely plant-based denim, that is strong yet soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.  Jonathan Cheung, PANGAIA Denim Designer and unspun advisor.

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