“Pandemic taught us to seek for new ways to develop the Denim sector through digitalisation” – Vildan Altun Seylan


Vildan Altun Seylan is a prominent Denim Designer from Turkey. She is currently working as Denim Design Manager in ERAK, the leading denim and non-denim woven products manufacturer and one of the major exporters of jeans in Turkey. She has experience of trend/research forecasting, many details and fits of denim/non-denim shapes, accessories design and developments and able to their artwork at adobe illustrator and Photoshop and the other design programs.

Recently Vildan Altun Seylan talked with Pranta Biswas, Coordinator of ‘Denim Focus.’ In her speech she shared ongoing industry situation on her observation and also talked about the insights of Denim Design tips and techniques. For our Readers, the conversation is below.

How are you observing the global Denim industry during the pandemic?

Since the pandemic comes to stage, Denim industry and Denim people realised new details such as how essential nature is! How essential biodegradability and nature drive fibre is! The pandemic forces us to stay at home and encourage us the re-build new world starting with ourselves, and with new generation.

Therefore we’d seeking for new ways to develop the sector through digitalisation, Digital denim fairs, ie Kingspin/DenimandJeans/PV Denim. As I observe, Digital Trade Shows will take place quite soon

How do you forecast the new denim design?

At fabric side, their faced turned to natural elements already therefore natural drive elements will be given much more important such as waste of food/fruits. Sounds interesting, indeed!

At wash side, sustainability is more focused for sure, at the same time focused on natural dye indigo and pigments to dye colours with sustainable, as well.

Design detail is as I told before, people put on weight and they don’t want to wear which shows them self and other thing is to their new shape so much easier to wear clothes and fits will be important.

For 3d drawing and making garment with sustainable way we will emphasize to survive with the mentality that will be workable with Brands it’s for sure, but I am not quite sure about supplier’s part, its area to engage and improve within source & suppliers.

How can we ensure sustainable denim production?

It’s better not to buy any new pieces, at least! The decision of purchase has totally changed its logic right after with the pandemic, whether if the garments have any of natural ingredients, and most likely row will be better.

If the brand comprehensed with many sustainable methods ie. zero waste or utilize 3R :Reuse/Redesign/Recycle stories,  Fabric waste or any other innovative ideas ,it will take the brand other upper stage. I mean this “upper stage” is a creating image that “customer trust what that brand does”

What is your suggestion for future denim designers?

Firstly they should believe in themselves, remain open their eyes for brilliant ideas in anytime, and “sit chair & just draw on PC” is just a tiny part of business and its definitely not enough!

Read the trend analysis correctly which enables you the see the big picture. Regardless to sector please do follow innovative issues, digest all this perfectly and translate in your fabric & washes. And never forget to add piece of Art to your collection.

Any special message you want to convey to the global Denim Industry? 

In any case; we, Denim People, trying to find plain versions of business, however with designing via 3D programs takes too much time to ensure get good result, how we can evolve 3D to the simple? And which way suppliers can make it useful? that is my question always in my mind. I see nothing about that kind of issue brands need to develop their buying mentality and ways.

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