Old Navy has introduced a new online fit guide to assist women in choosing denim


Old Navy, a division of Gap Inc., has introduced a new online resource to assist women in choosing denim by fusing the online and in-store shopping experiences. According to Old Navy, their new online denim fit guide was created as a result of extensive research on the most prevalent pain areas, which revealed that shoppers desired an easy way to understand designs and, most importantly, how they would fit their bodies.

By streamlining the denim purchasing process, the new online Denim Fit Guide hopes to help customers find the perfect fit. This brand-new function on the retailer’s online store, which is owned by Gap, cycles through its available selections using four important features. For instance, the Rise Guide will display the waist measurements for sizes 4, 12, and 18 for Low Rise, Mid Rise, High Rise, Extra High Rise, and Higher High Rise. Similar to this, the Stretch Guide goes into great depth to explain the distinctions between non-stretch/rigid, low stretch, medium stretch, and high stretch. There is also a section on sustainability that provides information on the retailer’s environmental and water-saving initiatives. Details about features and trends are included in the fourth section.

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