Officina+39’s Recycrom got recognition in Italy for processing upcycled Tshirt


Upcycling “waste” from pre-existing fabrics was a major theme at a recent launch event in Milan hosted by collaborators Blue of a Kind (a local label that only manufactures garments from reused materials) and Italian chemicals producer Officina+39.

The in-store event featured a live “painting” performance by artist Erik Varusio, who customized numerous articles using Officina+39’s patented Recycrom dyestuffs, as well as an upcycled t-shirt line produced by Blue of a Kind utilizing Officina+39’s proprietary Recycrom dyestuffs.

Recycrom takes unused cotton or cellulosic fabric scraps (selected by color) and grinds them into a powder in a primarily mechanical, eight-step process to generate its more eco-conscious pigments, as the chemicals company’s chief executive, Andrea Vernier, told last year. According to the company, they may then be used to dye and print on cotton, wool, nylon, or any cellulosic and natural fibre or combination.

Following the event, both sides declared that the current and future fashion industries must be committed to “uncompromising circularity and upcycling” and must base their production on readily available materials while also investing in more sustainable technology.

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