Officina39 meets the denim designers of the future in Amsterdam


House of Denim hosts a Laundry Day reserved for AMFI and Jean School students: the perfect occasion to learn about Officina39’s sustainable achievements.

January 10, 2023 – Sharing knowledge with the market players is essential to make the fashion industry better and greener. The students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and from the Jean School are studying and working to become important players in tomorrow’s fashion and design in the most sustainable way. To support their learning journey in creating a “brighter blue” future, the House of Denim Foundation organizes several events and workshops promoting best practices and building a network for industry-wide collaboration on standards, projects and resources for a cleaner and smarter industry.

On January 10 in Amsterdam, one of the capital cities of denim, House of Denim in collaboration with Officina39 hosts a Laundry Day to make students more conscious of how chemistry applied to fashion is improving and making a real difference for both the market and the environment. Stefano Parrotta (Technical Manager) and Juan Manuel Gomez (Creative Leader) contribute to the all-day event (from 9:45 to 17:00) with practical demonstrations of Officina39’s most impressive technologies showing how designers could really mark a difference when creating new collections and trends.

Stefano presents Aqualess Mission and Recycrom™: the former is the combination of four technologies that allow garment laundry processes to reduce up to 75% of the water use, and the latter is a patented dyestuffs range obtained through a cutting-edge upcycling process that involves textile fibers from used clothing and manufacturing waste for dyeing and printing applications. Students are invited to use these tools personally to see for themselves the effects on garments.

Juan Manuel as a designer shows his young colleagues how sustainable goals can drive creativity and how technological innovation is a key factor in being able to imagine more environmentally friendly garments while still being at the forefront of fashion trends.