OCA JOINS 1% FOR THE PLANETOrganic Cotton Accelerator is proud to announce that it has joined 1% for the Planet, a global organization that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental non-profits through membership and everyday actions.

Joining this globally recognized and trusted platform, alongside over 4,000 environmental organizations operating in 90 countries, we shine a light on our mission of uniting the sector to unleash the potential of organic cotton and deliver positive change for people and the planet.

Individuals, companies, and organisations can offer their support through the OCA page on the 1% for the Planet website. This support will help conventional farmers transition to organic agriculture and give smallholder farmers access to organic cotton seed.

Help conventional farmers transition to organic agriculture: OCA’s Farm Programme works directly with over 80,000 existing or transitioning organic cotton farmers in India and Pakistan. With our unique direct-to-farm approach, we are mobilizing a growing number of international brands and retailers to take action in their own supply chains and deliver tangible benefits to organic farmers, such as better prices, secure offtake for their organic cotton and access to organic seeds and training.

Smallholder access to organic cotton seed: OCA’s Seed and Innovation Programme invests in solutions that bolster the resilience of the organic cotton sector. With your support we can invest in continued research and development of cotton cultivars that perform well in organic growing conditions and in line with market demands. Because every organic cotton t-shirt starts with organic cotton seed.

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