BORN TO REFRESH. Noppies, the famous European brand that has been accompanying pregnant women for more than 30 years, chooses SENSIL(R) Breeze for a “fashion and function” collection that provides excellent comfort and a pleasant cool feeling thanks to the properties of this innovative fiber produced by Nilit.

SENSIL(R) Breeze premium Nylon 6.6 with its unique cooling sensation has been tested and shown to reduce body temperature. Soft, lightweight, with a beautiful drape, SENSIL(R) Breeze generates the sense of well-being that comes from being cool, dry, and comfortable. “Our vision is to create functional and essential items for pregnancy and postpartum,” emphasizes Alinda Smits, Noppies’ designer, “to make mothers feel better by ensuring optimal comfort with a perfect fit and the use of the best fabrics that are technological and sustainable. We chose SENSIL(R) Breeze because it fully meets our idea of functional technology.”

“With Noppies we share the same values,” highlights Michelle Lea, Vice President of Global Marketing at Nilit, “of ethics and functionality of a garment and clothing in general. Even more so in the months leading up to childbirth, every woman wants to feel pampered and secure, with soft, cool and dry feelings to fully enjoy a time of great change. SENSIL(R) Breeze, one of the hi-tech yarns in our family, is the ideal ally for every woman who seeks function, quality and a more sustainable approach without sacrificing a modern, contemporary look.”

The collection will be available from August 2023 in forty-five variants in the online store and dedicated stores.