Next stop for ISKO’s FW 24/25: Bluezone International Denim Trade Show in Munich


ISKO’s latest collection highlights the company’s attention to recycling strategies  committing to the use of sustainable blends and taking its color game to the  next level with XENON and Perfect Black, always focusing on supporting the next  generation of designers. 

ISKO is always looking to break new ground with its technologies and  innovations which are always all-in when it comes to driving essential advancements in  durability, sustainability and fashion.  

Once again, “Iconic by nature”, ISKO’s show concept that illustrates the company’s journey of  evolution led by its signature Responsible Innovation™ approach, carries on ISKO’s  commitment to constantly innovate while reducing the use of virgin materials.  At Bluezone, stand-out technologies and products as well as new takes of best-selling  concepts that have made the history of ISKO are showcased:  

  • Ctrl+Z Blends 
  • ISKO REFORM™ & Jeggings™ – new options 
  • XENON color 
  • Perfect Black 

That’s not all. As a leading denim mill, ISKO is proud to be a part of denim’s rich and  historical narrative and to support future visions through educational support. The  company collaborated with students from London’s Kingston University’s Masters Denim  Project who combined research of the cloth’s socio-cultural history with their own perspectives  using ISKO’s innovations such as R-TWO™ as well as ISKO’s Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Z Blends. Their  designs stand out at the fair: the “Various Shades of Blue” jacket by Xiaoying (Cassandra) Mo  is worn over Yalan (Ellan) Huang’s “Denim Fusion” dress. The pieces’ inspirations combine  references from 1970s denim, archival motorcycle jackets, and functional workwear. Together,  the two garments create a unique silhouette and inventive design, turning form and function  into fashion. 

ISKO technologies: a closer look  

Ctrl+Z, is the company’s latest materials science solution with circularity, durability and  sustainability at its core, the result of ten years of research as well as an innovation quickly  becoming the new standard both for ISKO and the whole industry. Ctrl+Z can be applied to  any product, even stretch, to give increased strength and a significantly longer  lifespan. Made from a pure blend of recycled and regenerated content, Ctrl+Z outperforms the  market’s traditional and recycled denim products.  

This season, Ctrl+Z also gets updated with specialty plant and animal fibers that give  each fabric unique characteristics, and becomes Ctrl+Z Blends. Just like Ctrl+Z, these fabrics  are sustainable, durable, and designed to last. Soya, Tencel™, Modal, and Naia™ acetate are 

plant-based fibers with varying degrees of softness and sheen. Cashmere’s soft luxury feel  comes with the fine touch of animal hair. Hemp and linen are robust and more durable than  most natural fibers. Hemp is also a high-yield crop that can be grown without pesticides. 

Stretching fashion 

Whether it’s body-sculpting support or a 100% contoured look, ISKO will also continue to set  the trends with the power of its stretch technologies.  

Jeggings™ fabric made with Ctrl+Z Blends with additional Tencel™ fiber gives an ultra-luxury  look and smooth feeling. ISKO REFORM™ 100 is high-comfort denim with 100% elasticity that enhances the body’s shape — now in more options for more customers, including new  weights and constructions.  

Passing with flying colors 

The power of ISKO shines when it comes to producing indigo shades as well as a variety of  different colors. A case in point is the brand new XENON, a new color technique and a strong  story for black fabrics. It enables lasers to achieve similar effects as with indigo-dyed fabrics — an industry first.  

Perfect black, a blacker-than-black black is here. Made with REVOTEC™, its blend of FSC®- certified viscose and certified post-consumer polyester produces black fabrics that darken in the  wash. ISKO technology repels dust for a blacker-than-black look.  

Revolutionary REVOTEC™ 

Then, there is REVOTEC™, made with FSC®-certified viscose blended with certified post-consumer recycled polyester, which is a revolutionary approach that strengthens the  regenerative cellulosic fabric without the need to blend in cotton. 

ISKO™ Luxury by PG new collection 

Also featured in the ISKO booth is ISKO™ Luxury by PG collection – ‘Born to Amaze’ which  was launched for the first time last year at Denim Première Vision and that sees ISKO and  Paolo Gnutti collaborate creating exclusive solutions for the luxury segment. This time around  they are presenting the new Boundless Collection which includes four new capsules:  CASANOVA DENIM, REEF DENIM, DISKO DENIM, PEACH DENIM.