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Need to more care SME washing factory for business Sustainability – Mahbub Robbani, Managing Director ,Robbani Washing Ltd

Need to more care SME washing factory for business Sustainability - Mahbub Robbani, Managing Director ,Robbani Washing LtdBangladesh garment washing industry was established in late 90’s and washing is the heart of denim garments. Recently team Denim Focus conversation with Mahbub Robbani, Managing Director, Robbani Washing Ltd. regarding  one observation year of 2021 and upcoming year  Planning. 
Observation of 2021:
Washing is the  heart of Denim Garments manufacturing and fashion. In a wide range, Big Denim factories’ own wash facilities, many small wash factories are relentlessly supporting our Denim industry to uplift our Global Top Position. More than  1000 small-medium wash facility providers’ factories in Bangladesh. As a medium category factory we are providing sustainable products with maintaining good quality. In the pandemic situation ,we are very struggling but provide  one time salaries to our workforce. As a washing capacity we are working with many top denim brands and big denim factories but price is very tight. Still many orders came but the higher production cost and  buyer didn’t give a good price.
Our Washing facilities consist of advanced machinery and are among the leaders in the garments  washing industry of Bangladesh. Our onsite lab creates quality color, in the minimum time, as per our customer needs and demands. We also offer several washing treatments to meet the customer’s satisfaction. We deliver quality products and our growing customer depends on us to deliver the best quality.
Expectation for the year of 2022: 
 As a medium category washing factory like us are the deem Exporters. We are not directly exporting but we are strongly contributing to our economy by supporting RMG sectors and increasing export volume. But unfortunately we are not getting any kind of support from our Govt and Bank. Our plan is to increase our capacity and make another new project. But we need bank support for providing loans with low interest, incentives etc.  Besides SMe washing factories need unity from association and need to care about more this sector.

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