Mango Unveils New Sustainable Denim Collection


Mango, a Spain-based fashion group with a presence in 110 countries, recently launched a new sustainable denim collection intending to achieve a more responsible fashion industry & achieve a better world, using such washing and finishing technologies that will save 30 million liters of water.

The new denim collection of Mango offers versatile sustainable products to women, Man and also Kids, inspired by denim outfits of the 90s, represented in a Mediterranean setting in which nature and denim are fully integrated. Key items for the women’s line are pleated mom jeans, puff-sleeved denim shirts, and belted jumpsuits, slouchy jean jackets, denim mini dresses, and long jean skirts with a front slit. The men’s line offers three-tone jeans and zip-up denim jackets, as well as a range of ecru staples. For children, Mango centers on a sized-down version of trendy men’s and women’s styles, including an indigo chore jacket, white wide-leg jeans, and gender-less jean jackets.

“Thanks to innovation and adapting sustainable technologies and processes, we are creating collections that help us to reduce our footprint. Together with other teams and our garment and fabric suppliers, we are constantly seeking production alternatives and more sustainable materials,” said Beatriz Bayo, Mango’s sustainability director.

By 2025, Mango aims to source 100 percent of the cotton it uses from sustainable sources, and for 50 percent of its polyester to be recycled. The brand is striving for 100 percent of the cellulose fiber it uses to be from a “controlled origin” by 2030.

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