Mango Embarks on a Fashionable Journey: Seven New Stores Set to Bloom in the Netherlands


The Spanish fashion giant, Mango, has unveiled ambitious plans to sprout seven brand-new stores in the Netherlands this year. With its sights set on expansion, the renowned fashion firm will be dotting the Dutch landscape with its latest outlets in strategic locations across the country.

According to the company’s announcement, Mango’s new stores will be strategically positioned on prominent shopping streets in four cities – Groningen, Den Bosch, Nijmegen, and Leeuwarden – capturing the attention of fashion-conscious locals and visitors alike. In addition to these prime locations, the company is also set to establish a presence in popular shopping malls, including the bustling Heerlen.

One of the standout additions will be the much-anticipated Mango store in Groningen, situated at number 48 of the coveted Herestraat shopping district. Boasting a spacious 500m2 area, this flagship store will cater to both women’s and children’s fashion, offering a diverse selection of clothing.

Den Bosch, another vibrant city in the Netherlands, will see the emergence of Mango’s new store at Schapenmarkt, which promises to be a fashion haven spanning an impressive 450m2. Patrons will be treated to an extensive collection of clothing for both men and women, covering all aspects of contemporary fashion.

The excitement continues to mount as Mango prepares to open its first stores in Leeuwarden and Nijmegen’s major shopping areas. The brand’s popularity is expected to resonate with fashion enthusiasts in these regions, setting the stage for a warm reception.

For Mango’s loyal customers in Rotterdam, there is excellent news too. The company has decided to revamp its main location in the vibrant Lijnbaan district, enlarging the selling area to a generous 900m2 upon completion. As if that wasn’t enough, the brand recently unveiled a new 570m2 store in the city just last month, further establishing its presence in the fashion-forward city.

Among the highlights of the new outlets will be Mango’s innovative concept store, New Med, designed to infuse a touch of the Mediterranean spirit into the shopping experience. This unique approach aligns with Mango’s mission to stay at the forefront of retail innovation while offering customers a distinct and captivating ambiance.

Mango’s expansion and franchises director, Daniel López, expressed the brand’s excitement about the Dutch expansion, stating, “The Netherlands is a key market for Mango’s international expansion.” With the opening of these seven stores, Mango aims to strengthen its connection with the Dutch audience and leave an indelible mark on the country’s fashion landscape.

Fashion enthusiasts and shoppers alike can eagerly anticipate the grand openings of these stylish additions throughout the Netherlands, as Mango embarks on a fashion-forward journey, captivating hearts and wardrobes one store at a time.