Mango Completes The Integration of Violeta By Mango


Spanish clothing brand, Mango is moving forward in its commitment to inclusivity, by completing the integration of Violeta by Mango within Woman.

From now Violeta collection will feature Mango designs. The Woman design team has integrated the Violeta by Mango patternmakers to maintain and apply the skills acquired in patternmaking. The garments, which until now have been sold under the Violeta by Mango brand, will have more affordable prices, having larger purchasing volumes. With this integration, the firm is reinforcing its commitment to inclusivity

Violeta collection will be available in Mango Woman stores in the majority of towns and cities. In these stores, customers will be able to receive personalized attention from the store staff, who will be able to show them the collection and, if necessary, make their purchase online via a tablet.

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