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Madewell Launched Newest “Balloon Jeans”

Madewell Launched Newest “Balloon Jeans”Madewell Inc., an American retail & wholesale company has recently launched “Balloon Jeans” for women, dubbing the ’80s-influenced style “Balloon Jeans” considering the comfortable shape & feeling of the jeans. These pants feature high waisted curved legs with cropped length and provides an ultra-flattering fit that’s akin to straight-leg jeans. They can be worn with tops, t-shirts, sweaters etc and the style won’t be going out of style soon. According to some fashion personalities, these pants may also replace the sweat pants. The premium denim fabrication comes in a range of washes. Some of them are rigid and some are stretchy. This collection includes — BALLOON JEANS IN DATEWOOD WASH, BALLOON JEANS IN TILE WHITE, BALLOON JEANS: GARMENT DYED EDITION, BALLOON JEANS IN HEWES WASH.

BALLOON JEANS IN DATEWOOD WASH is Made from premium 100 percent cotton Cone denim in a faded blue wash. BALLOON JEANS IN TILE WHITE provides a shapelessly round look with high waist (over 11 inches) and slim upper leg that gently tapers to a 14 3/4 leg opening. BALLOON JEANS: GARMENT DYED EDITION is not-quite-pink, not-quite-beige garment-dyed hue is the new khaki. BALLOON JEANS IN HEWES WASH is a Super-faded pair of jeans.

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