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Logic Present Focus talk webinar discussed ‘Bangladesh –The Denim Hotspot’

Logic Present Focus talk webinar discussed ‘Bangladesh –The Denim Hotspot’

The fourth session of Logic Presents ‘Focus Talk, managed by Denim Focus was held on 15th January, 2022 on the topic ‘Bangladesh, The Denim Hotspot’. Three distinguished panel members Shafiur Rahman, Regional Operation Manager, G-Star Raw, Product Intelligence Centre, Dhaka Bangladesh; Usama Maqsood, Group Director, Experience Group; Sheikh Islam Shaheenul, Director (Marketing & Merchandising), Windy Group; discussed about the contemporary issues of the denim industry. Maeen Md. Khairul Akter, Managing Editor of Denim Focus moderated the session. This program is sponsored by Country’s prominent ERP software provider Logic Software Limited, a sister concern of Asrotex Group

Bangladesh is already no. 1 exporter of denim to the European and US market and have great potential to grow fast in the upcoming days. The moderator discussed the current scenario of Bangladesh denim industry and the challenges to overcome addressing the three panelists to put their opinion and insights ahead.

Mr. Shafiur Rahman, Regional Operation Manager, G-Star Raw said, Bangladesh denim industry has come a long way to today’s position. Today Bangladesh is on the top of priority list for any manufacturing solutions. Global retailers value Bangladesh as a valued business partner and rely heavily on the manufacturers. 

Mr. Usama Maqsood, Group Director, Experience Group, also stressed the statement that they are getting huge response from the global denim market and now they are working with 25 renowned brands. Besides regular denim products like the 5-pocket jeans they are also preparing for high end fashionable denim products like jackets, skirts etc. 

Mr. Sheikh Islam Shaheenul, Director (Marketing & Merchandising), Windy Group, emphasized on utilizing the production capacity intelligently and productivity is a crucial issue for success in denim business. He added, – ‘we are using some innovative technology and process improvement which enable us to improve our productivity heavily.”

The three panelists also emphasized on value addition, branding and sustainability. Mr. Shafiur Rahman said, Bangladesh denim industry is in the right way in terms of using sustainable solutions but still there are lots of things to improve. Usama and Shaheenul who represent the manufacturing industry illustrated how they are driving sustainability in their factories to save energy, conserve resources and implement circular solutions. They also shared their unique branding strategies. Experience group has already launched their own ethnic apparel brand in Bangladesh. They have been operating for a year now with three outlets. Mr. Shaheenul said they are following a different strategy and using specific outlet spaces of their retailer partners in different countries to showcase and sell their own branded product. 

Everyone emphasized developing technical expertise and skills of the denim professionals which is currently should be the priority for our industry. They also admired the novel promotional platform provided by Denim Focus and wished all the best for the team.


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