Levi’s® x Pokémon Collection On Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary


In honor of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary this year, Levi’s®, one of the global leader in denim, collaborates with Pokémon.

“It’s so fun to hear people talk about their love of Pokémon,” said Karyn Hillman, chief product officer at Levi Strauss & Co. “The fact that we had this ability to play and create with so many iconic Pokémon and characters was really a special experience. It’s such a thoughtful collection that respects and celebrates the world of Pokémon, and it was so cool mixing our icons and history with theirs — it’s nostalgic and optimistic, with a little bit of escapism.”

This colorful Levi’s® x Pokémon collection features denim, tops, bottoms, fleece, tees and accessories with graphics and prints of the popular characters and woodland settings of the animated series’ first season. Notable pieces include a ‘90s style vintage fit Trucker Jacket and 551TMZ Authentic Straight jean in stonewash indigo, both featuring oversized embroidered Pikachu and lightning bolt patches for Electric-type Pokémon. There’s also a range of tees with throwback character art, and an all-over print Trucker Jacket and 551TMZ fit featuring an eye-catching forest design filled with Pokémon.

“I think Pokémon is often associated with little kids, but that’s not true. So many adults love it and look back on Pokémon with a lot of nostalgia, so we wanted to make sure we captured that feeling in the collection,” Jenny Carlin, Director of Women’s Tops Design who worked on the collection said. “I think the ‘90s fits helped. It gave the collection a lot more attitude.”

This colorful Levi’s® x Pokémon collection will be available from next Monday on levi.com and the Levi’s® app!