Les Deux, a menswear company headquartered in Copenhagen, is launching new sustainable denim range


Les Deux, a menswear company headquartered in Copenhagen, is launching a sustainable denim range. For decades, the famous menswear brand has been creating classic designs and stressing excellent craftsmanship, and now they’re ready to tackle denim for the first time. Les Deux is launching a new collection of shapes and washes, all of which have been designed with the environment in mind.

Denim is something we all wear, according to Mathias Jensen, Creative Director at Les Deux, and everyone has an opinion on the proper fit. It has taken them a long time to develop their fitting, but he is certain that they have arrived at the right place.”

Les Deux has established itself as a significant menswear brand in Europe, with over 800 stores throughout the continent, now in its eleventh year. As a fashion leader and a sustainability pioneer, the Scandinavian label is on an exciting path. This is also why the firm has partnered with one of the most well-known and ecologically conscious denim factories in the world.

The environmental impact of the fashion business has become apparent, with conventional denim manufacturing being one of the worst offenders. Innovating on fiber and water consumption, clothing production, and shipping might significantly reduce the environmental effect. The factory in Laos has achieved considerable progress thanks to improved methods, and it is currently one of the most highly regarded more sustainable denim production settings.

This means that up to 80% of the water used in the plant’s operations may be recycled. By establishing a rigorous energy strategy that prioritizes renewable sources and a complete restriction on hazardous chemicals, Les Deux and its partners have decreased the environmental impact of their denim production by roughly 75%. Pesticides are not utilized, water waste is avoided, and energy usage is reduced.