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LEED certification: 2 more RMG factories recognised as ‘green’

President Faruque Hassan of BGMEA reveals two stellar additions to Bangladesh’s LEED Green Factory network. Pretty Composite Textiles Ltd in Ashulia secures an outstanding Platinum rating with 81 points, while Union Sportswear Limited in Tongi earns a prestigious Gold certification with 69 points.

LEED certification: 2 more RMG factories recognised as ‘green’

With these accomplishments, Bangladesh proudly boasts a total of 211 LEED Green Factories, solidifying its global leadership in sustainable manufacturing. The nation now houses 80 Platinum and 117 Gold-certified factories, showcasing an unparalleled commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Bangladesh’s dedication transcends borders, earning international acclaim with 54 of the top 100 LEED Green Factories globally, including 9 out of the top 10 and 18 out of the top 20. Moreover, the country claims the top two highest-rated LEED Green Factories in the world.

President Faruque Hassan commends this remarkable achievement, emphasizing the nation’s resilience amid local and global challenges. The recognition not only reaffirms Bangladesh’s commitment to sustainability but also opens doors for future investments and partnerships, propelling the country towards a greener and more responsible manufacturing future.

This milestone serves as a testament to Bangladesh’s vision and dedication to environmental responsibility, sending a powerful message to the world about its position in the global climate agenda. President Faruque Hassan expresses immense pride in the collective effort, foreseeing a continued impact on the global stage.

As Bangladesh positions itself as a sustainable manufacturing leader, these accomplishments are set to shape the nation’s future and contribute significantly to the global fight against climate change.

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