Lee And Wrangler Open A Joint Denim Store


Lee and Wrangler, owned by Kontoor Brands, have teamed up to open their first joint denim store in Berlin as part of its continued strategic expansion in Europe.

The dual-branded retail concept has been designed to offer consumers “the ultimate denim experience,” explains Lee and Wrangler, with an immersive curated retail environment that “brings to life the unique characteristics of each brand”.

The store, located on the Tauntzienstrasse, a major shopping street in Berlin, spans over 1,600 square feet and carries a dual fascia with separate windows and frontages for each brand, which will always carry each brand’s current campaigns.

Inside, the store concept has a unifying grey and blue design, including denim-look arches, to underscore the brands’ combined 200-plus years of denim expertise, while heritage materials and imagery have been used throughout to illustrate each brand’s distinct personality.

For Lee Jeans, this is highlighted with “a premium archive-driven feel,” explains the brand, including a capsule area for its premium Lee 101 range. While a “bold, youthful, style” has been used to evoke the spirit of Wrangler, with a mixture of vivid red and indigo blues in the visuals.

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