Kontoor Brands Launches Indigood™ Facility Certification Program Aimed at Expanding the Adoption of Water Saving Technologies in Textile Production Globally


Kontoor Brands, Inc., a global lifestyle apparel company with a portfolio led by two of the world’s most iconic consumer brands, Wrangler® and Lee®, today announced the expansion of its water-saving manufacturing program, Indigood™ Facility Certification. This expansion is part of Kontoor’s strategy to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and accelerate sustainability efforts including establishing science-based targets for carbon emissions, reducing freshwater during manufacturing, increasing renewable energy adoption, and transitioning to sustainable raw materials sourcing.

Launched in 2019, with the revolutionary introduction of foam dyed denim, the Indigood™ program recently expanded to include additional freshwater-conservation technologies used in textile manufacturing. Through the Indigood™ Facility Certification program, Kontoor is encouraging textile mills across the globe to adopt radically different water saving technologies. Textile manufacturing facilities using 90 percent less freshwater than conventional fabric production may qualify for full certification.

“At Kontoor Brands, we believe companies have a responsibility to use resources wisely, drive sustainable innovations, and preserve and protect the planet,” said Jeff Frye, VP of Procurement, Product Development, Innovation and Sustainability, Kontoor Brands. “Wherever possible, we must challenge and encourage our end-to-end supplier network and other retail brands to incorporate these principles into their businesses. We view expanding our Indigood™ partnerships to textile mills across the globe as an important step that can significantly improve freshwater conservation efforts within the apparel industry.”

As of March 2021, Kontoor Brands has saved more than 8 billion liters of water through initiatives like Indigood™. To expand its impact, Kontoor Brands is analysing denim manufacturing facilities around the world, certifying those deploying processes that decreases freshwater use. This initiative aims to identify and highlight factories that have or are actively working to improve their water footprint.

The Indigood™ Facility Certification launched this fall with Arvind Limited’s Naroda Facility in India, the first textile mill to be certified through the Indigood™ program. Kontoor will survey program participants on a bi-annual basis to confirm continued compliance with certification standards.

“Indigood promotes advancing sustainable operations in denim manufacturing. Kontoor Brands has bridged the gap between sustainability and sourcing by encouraging the use of fabrics that are created by mills that prioritize water stewardship,” said Aamir Akhtar, CEO, Arvind Limited. “We are honored to be the first mill certified, achieving the Indigood™ standard.”