The new BESTSELLER brand, which is the newest member of the JACK & JONES family, is finally putting its debut collection on the public stage. With 300 influencers on board, JJXX’s ambition is to create awareness and reach as many young women as possible.

“The different girls are carefully selected with a focus on their charisma, their style, and their individual interests. All the girls represent our brand personality – they are strong, happy, independent, confident, and free. They have power and a personality that gives them an edge and sets them apart from others – just like JJXX,” says Anders Gam, Brand Director at JACK & JONES and JJXX.

JJXX is the new collection for young women by Global Popular Denim Brand Jack & Jones.  By leveraging 30 years of denim expertise and know-how, JJXX is bringing you an international jeans brand with focus on all the good quality essentials that any young woman can’t live without – as well as the key must-have trends that add a little extra. But this is not your average fashion brand!

With a ‘never out of stock and never out of style’ mindset JJXX is set on delivering those go-to items that a girl can rely on and return to, day after day.

The collection will be available online and in stores across Europe, with the first line set to drop in October 2021.

Girls with character and personality

It does not matter to JJXX how many followers the influencers have –what matters is how they express their personality, how they carry themselves, and how they match the brand’s core values.

“In the Netherlands, we work with the influencers Bruna Rizk and Amaka Hamelijnck, who are best friends. Here, our focus has been on their friendship and life as friends,” says Anders Gam and continues: “In Spain, we work with the artist Inés Jimm, who has a huge passion for art and great ambitions for her career. And in Italy, we work with Greta Menardo, who is a kite surfer and has an enormous appetite for life.”

For more than 30 years, JACK & JONES has focused on creating and designing clothes for guys, but now it’s time for more – it’s time for the girls. That’s why JJXX has been created – a denim brand for young women that is all about life, adventure, strength, and community.