It is important for Bangladesh to manage the 2nd wave well & control- Ranah Abraham, Former VP of Ananta Apparels and Ex country manager Levis &VF


Due to the pandemic situation, European Union and the world put the effort into textiles, clothes, footwear, and accessories supply chains, in the midst of an ongoing social and climate crisis. On another hand, the COVID has seriously impacted major manufacturing hubs (China, India, and Italy), leading to major supply disorders. Textile industry is the heart of our economy. We have developed our industry a lot and there are so many remarkable developments we have already achieved i.e Green Industry, Compliance Factory, industry best practices etc. Team Denim Focus talked with industry owners and stakeholders and took quick feedback regarding the present business situation. Ranah Abraham, Former VP of Ananta Apparels and Ex Country Manager Levis & VF, recently shared his opinion about recent scenario of RMG industry with Denim Focus-

The orders for Bangladesh will pick up since many other apparel producing countries are seeing factories being operating at low capacity due to covid lockdowns. However, it is important for Bangladesh to manage the second wave of covid well and keep things in control so that factories can keep operating. 

The orders would be more in basic knit products, shorts, denims and basic sweaters. Fashion products and formal wear orders will slow down. Prices will continue to remain tight. Industry must remain vigilant that there is no worker unrest due to nonpayment of wages etc.

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