ISKO™ & Miles Johnson – Light On the Land 2


Designer Miles Johnson has released his latest capsule collection, using only R-TWO™ fabrics by ISKO™. This sustainable fashion collection, featuring 32 pieces, was intentionally made with SEASONLESS style in mind. It is a collection that brings responsibility in the fashion industry to the next level. All the fabrics used in the collection were carefully selected from ISKO’s R-TWO™ platform.

R-TWO™ – Leading Fabric Sustainability: R-TWO™ fabric technology is one of our innovations in denim, with sustainability at its center. The focus is to minimize waste throughout the entire production process, and where waste is completely unavoidable – Reuse, Recycle or Recover wasted resources. All R-TWO™ fabrics contain recycled and/or reused materials and are created through energy-efficient processes to minimize environmental impact in every step of the process. The reused cotton for R-TWO™ comes from our own production line loss, which we continually track and trace. This makes it a more sustainable option for designers who want their collections to reflect their values, making a positive impact while lessening their environmental footprint.

Responsible Design: Light on the Land 2.0 incorporates responsible design principles such as Cadica’s new and innovative trims, made of vegan apple “leather”, and has been developed using eco-conscious finishing techniques.  The collection also features many additional sustainable facets such as efficient low-waste pattern cutting and design, efficient sewing methods, removable rivets for end-of-life, biodegradable thread which can be removed at high heats.

A Unique Collaboration:  Miles Johnson’s newest collection with ISKO™ built on the success from the previous collection, ‘Light on the Land’. This new iteration presented new ways of working together, with collaboration taking place online using Zoom. The final collection was shot creatively using ISKO Vital™ face coverings to ensure teams were protected.