IOAS appoints Engr. Abrar A Apu as Assessor


IOAS confirmed the appointment of Abrar Ahmed Apu as an Assessor specializing in textiles from 1st July 2021. Engr. Abrar is highly qualified with a Masters in Textile and Clothing Management and a BSc in Textile Technology, in addition to being a Certified Lead Auditor. His extensive work experience includes textile inspection and auditing of certification bodies; providing training services for GOTS; and lecturing at Bangladesh University of Textiles, Daffodil International University. Abrar has considerable knowledge of textile and recycled textile processing and chemical management and was previously working with IOAS as a freelance assessor.

Engr. Abrar A Apu

He started his teaching career in the Department of Textile Engineering, DIU in 2008 after completing his higher education in Germany. Before this, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology from BUTex (formally DU Affiliated) and began his careering in the largest home textile manufacturing industry- Zaber & Zubair Fabrics in 2003.  In 2010, along with his teaching career, he joined audit and certification activities of IMOswiss, Switzerland- and initiated consulting works in industries and for industrial people on QMS, EMS, Textile Recycling, and Organic Textile Processing. He is a certified and lead auditor on GOTS, OCS, ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, SA 8000, and other advanced training. As a certified auditor, he conducted audits for GOTS, OCS, (IMOswiss), ISO 9001 & 14001 (IMS Reliance, Uni-Cert), and SEDEX and COC (ESTS) and witness audit for SAAS.

His excellence in Textile Sustainability, Management System, Leadership, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence is mentionable.  As an educator, he has been teaching undergraduates at Daffodil International University; as a trainer, he trains industrial people on Textile Sustainability Tools, different management systems, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence, and as a consultant, he advises industries to meet requirements on industrial sustainability tools.

Abrar is hired by the local body of GCL International, Bangladesh to conduct online training for auditors globally with training entitled “Textile-Plastic Recycling with Technical Requirements of TE CCS, RCS, & GRS and USB Asia for auditors training on Technical Requirements of Recycling and Organic Textile Processing. The leading certification LETIS S.A. Bangladesh arranged day-long training for auditors on Recycled Textile Processing (based on GRS and RCS) and Abrar was the trainer.

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