“Investors should go for long term profitability by introducing top quality machine”- Waliul Islam Dollar


Machinery is the main technological supports for our textile, apparel and denim industry. Many local companies are representative of top European Machine brands and supporting our industry for more production capacity with long-term business profitability.

“ROOTS Sourcing International Ltd” is one of the top machine suppliers in our country. Since 2000, they have been supporting our industry by introducing the latest technological support. Recently Mr. Waliul Islam Dollar, Managing Director of Roots Sourcing International Ltd. talked with team Denim Focus and share his observation during the pandemic.

Business During pandemic:

Textile Machine business was impacted at the beginning period of the pandemic. However, we are now in a good situation. Positive response from Govt supported a lot to Textiles & Garments Businessmen to overcome the situation. Flexibility from Govt agencies as well inspired investors to invest more for holding world market career, that’s why industry owners and investors invest a lot in digitalization especially in the machineries section.  Overall Machine business is now in a good race. Actually, I think next 10 years our country will make tremendous business. As we are getting orders from our competitors country like Myanmar, India & China. Due to some unrest situation inside those countries, many buyers shifted orders to us. That’s why our industry experts and investors easily predicted the market uplift and there are more invest is going in the industry.

Message to the industry:

As a European Machinery representative, I think there are a lot of improvement opportunities in our garments dyeing, weaving, knitting, spinning, non-woven & washing sectors in terms of technology for more production capacity. If we can introduce with good machines then we can have along with long term profitability. We must get out from short-term profit tendency by using low and cheap quality machines. Most of the investors expect fast output from low price machines which is not actually getting a good results for  longer lasting. If we see Chinese big company they also copy the European and American technology but cannot introduce us with a new technology. Investors should invest in a long-term project for capturing future business by using American and European machines. It will increase the dignity of our garments sector in front of buyers.

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