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Interloop Apparel Park is currently open for business

Interloop, a Pakistani manufacturer, has announced the opening of its new Apparel Park.

Interloop Apparel Park is currently open for business

The 232-acre (94-hectare) vertically integrated, multi-category production complex will expand the supplier’s annual knitwear capacity by 25 million pieces, with a daily knitting and dyeing output of 50 tons. After finishing phase two of development, this is likely to increase by another 12 million pieces every year, according to Interloop.

“We’re setting new standards, harnessing innovative technologies, and relentlessly pursuing process improvement,” said Navid Fazil, CEO.

“Through our LEED-certified infrastructure, a self-reliant green energy grid and transition to biomass fuel, we are committed to increasing Interloop’s sustainability impact on an unprecedented scale.”

An on-site water recycling system, with plans to increase capacity to 60% by 2024; a solar farm aimed to increase firm-wide photovoltaic power output to 25 megawatts; and a day care center for up to 150 children are among the anticipated advantages. The company, a large hosiery maker, also specializes in denim and sportswear.

Interloop Apparel Park is the fifth hosiery facility for the Faisalabad-based supplier.

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