Indian newly started fashion entity Denim Darzi has introduced new upcycled denim collection


Indian newly started fashion entity Denim Darzi has released a new line that is repurposed, sustainable, and trendy. There are clothing for men, women, and children in the collection. The company was founded by entrepreneur Rupali Mukherjee around the time of the pandemic in 2020, with the goal of repurposing existing denim apparel and industry-waste denim in useful ways.

Denim Darzi’s extensive range features Indian, western, and Indo-western fashions in a variety of shapes ranging from sari to dhoti. The brand recycles post-consumer denim and denim from the textile industry. To develop our designs, it mixes the gathered denim with fabric waste from retailers and the textile sector. Its costumes are made out of waste denim as well as other materials such as satin, cotton, linen, and jamdani, according to Mukherjee. A tailoring unit has partnered with the brand. It creates and delivers hand drawings. The goal was to work in a sustainable manner without having a large manufacturing unit. Only internet platforms are used by the company.

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