How to Take Care of Your Denim-Wear


Farzan Alam Piya

What we love, we take the most care of that. As today’s generation loves denim the most, let’s know how to take care of your denim wears.

Buying the Right Size:   If anyone wants his/her denim wear to last, the first thing need to done is to buy the right size of denim wear. There are 2 reasons behind it. The first reason is wearing the right size of denim wears undoubtedly gives anyone the Best look & the Best feel. Then the second reason is when the right sized denim wear is used, body stretch & pressure on the clothing gets balanced properly. If the garment is too tight, it may cause extreme pressure on stretch areas & seams. On the other hand, if the garment is too long or loose, it may get distressed due to abrasion with surroundings.

Washing with Care: Washing your denim wears frequently, may help them to last more with you providing the best look. Denim wears need to be washed with cold water. In case of machine wash, after washing in cold water, go with dry tumble without dry heat or air. Using bleach is completely prohibited. While washing, color bleeding may occur, better to wash them infrequently & separately. In addition to that, rubbing the denims with any hard brush or surface may cause unwanted fading on the piece of garment.

Removing the Spots: In daily life, it is very often to get any dirt or mud spot on your garment but what to do in case of getting spot on denim-wears. The solution is – going with spot cleaning. Using mild liquefy soap with gentle tooth brush on the spot areas of the denim wear, can remove all the spots.

Checking out the Pockets: Each of us loves to roam hands-free but that does not mean to stuff everything forcefully into the pockets. Carrying a heavy wallet or big smart phone all the time, may leave marks on the pocket of denim wear, even it can cause a hole.

Storing with Love: Storing something with love & care is quite a difficult task. Denim wears can be stored by hanging with an S-Hook or can be folded & stored in drawers or cupboards. While folding them, try to fold them, on a flat surface, smoothing out the wrinkles. Again, do not overcrowd the closet, give space to the garments to breath.

Repairing your Denim: Denim fabric is sturdy and durable, but sometimes due to extreme stretch or sweating, a tiny hole or seam defect, make sure to repair it immediately, otherwise the defect may grow. For repairing the denim wear, you can always try some innovative & creative solution and give a new look to your style by adding fancy patches & other trimmings.

A Little Love & Care To Your Denim-Wear,    Can Make It Last With You Forever.