Hoping for a positive turnaround in 2021 for every industry including our Denim Industry – Imranur Rahman, Managing Director, Laila Group


Laila Group is one of the major garment exporters in our country. Imranur Rahman, Managing Director, Laila Group has been leading the company very smartly. As he is a young entrepreneur recently he shared his opinion about the Denim industry in the year 2021 with Denim Focus.


Denim Focus :  How do you see the denim industry of Bangladesh in the year 2021

Imranur Rahman : 2020 has been a very tough year for every human being & our garments industry is no exception. But we have to be optimistic & united in this troublesome period to come out of this. Hoping for a positive turnaround in 2021 for every sector including our Denim Industry.

Denim Focus : How can we develop more in this industry?

Imranur Rahman: Many Garments & Washing factories are becoming green in our country. Textile & Garments industry in Bangladesh today are more conscious about  Sustainable Green Industrialization, R&D & Workers Wellbeing. I feel if this trend continues & brands start appreciating what we are doing then the industry will grow.

Denim Focus : Any message for Denim Focus from you?

Imranur Rahman: We need to keep on learning & be well informed about what is happening in the Denim Industry so that we all can continue to improve. I truly hope ‘Denim Focus’ will help us in that regard. I wish the team all the success.