Hirdaramani Bangladesh and CleanKore join Hands for prioritizing Denim sustainability and continuing to lower the carbon footprint!


A strategic partnership is now formed with Hirdaramani Bangladesh and CleanKore to advance and promote sustainable, cost e­ective solutions throughout the denim supply chain. Hirdaramani Discovery Lab (HDL) utilized CleanKore fabric from Atlantic Mills to showcase a variety of beautiful shades and contrast without any PP spray or laser booster.

CleanKore’s patented technology makes novel modifications from fiber to finishing that result in improved ring dyeing characteristics. It eliminates the need for PP spray or laser booster to achieve the bright white e­ect that the consumers demand. Significant savings of resources such as water, chemicals, energy and production time are also realized at both the denim mill and garment manufacturing stages  end to end cost savings from fabric to garment.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Zero PP Spray & Neutralization
  • Water Saved
  • Automation by Laser
  • Fabric Strength Remains Intact
  • Worker Health Improved
  • Chemical Use Reduced
  • Ozone Process

CleanKore is a sustainable process with a low carbon footprint. Most importantly, CleanKore uses the existing dye range. No new equipment, capital expenses or chemicals are needed