Going GREEN in Dubai with US Soybean Export Council (USSEC)


Mr. Ananta Ahmed Talking and Promoting Green at CRUSHCON, Dubai UAEIn Dubai to promote and explain Green Building and Sustainability in USSEC regional events “CrushCon” and “HungerCon” in Dubai 13-16 November 2022. It is an honor and privileged to have the opportunity to talk about green at this event.

“We are passionate about GREEN and love to talk about it, thank you for giving us an opportunity to show you how green saves money, the environment and creates PROFITS”

“If we understand LEED Green Building Concepts in a factual way, the cost is not an issue. If we analyze the costs and benefits in a meaningful way, we will see LEED Green Building Cost less than regular buildings.” – Ananta Ahmed

Green Building Concept is the most comprehensive checklist to practice sustainability and green in any industry. We all have to do our part to fight and win against climate change.

Green Building Concept is the Best Management System when we understand the concept and apply the concept in every Management Decision and Practice. This concept will ensure a few vital points that are the lifeline of a company or organization. These are as follows; -.

  • Most Energy Efficient facilities and activities can save money and lead to becoming more profitable. For manufacturing facilities, this concept can reduce production costs significantly and make the company more competitive.
  • Best possible Indoor Environment can lead to 15% to 20% more productivity and less absenteeism and turnover among employees.
  • Best Resource Management can provide savings and less impact on Environment.
  • Proud and Motivated Workforce will be engaged for higher standard work.
  • Consumer Acceptance with higher market share and worldwide reputations.
  • Best practice to protect the Environment, Biodiversity, Habitat and create a GREEN Peaceful Space.
  • Green Building Concept employs the “Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)” to make a buying decision that saves money and also chooses Environment-Friendly Products.
  • Preventive Maintenance Policy within the Green Building Concept can reduce establishment costs significantly.

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