I am really proud to work with amazing people and amazing factories here in Bangladesh


Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain offering exciting, feminine fashion to women in over 30 countries. Its strength has always been keeping things simple, which applies to designs and working methods alike. It has a passion for fashion, with the goal of offering customers a new and exciting shopping experience. Today, Gina Tricot has more than 150 stores located throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany. It also offers online shopping throughout Europe. The company has approximately 1,900 employees and around 98% are women. Gina Tricot employees want to foster a sense of pride, inside and out. Gina Tricot is a company that has chosen to invest in and promote women. Recently Ted Boman, Chief Executive Officer, Gina Tricot & Emma Garrot Fredman, Production and Sustainability Manager visited Bangladesh. Team Denim Focus had a discussion with them regarding the order situation and recent business trends. Key discussion points are mentioned below-

I am really proud to work with amazing people and amazing factories here in Bangladesh-

Emma Garrot Fredman, Production and Sustainability Manager, Gina Tricot

Strategy during COVID-19 pandemic and business scenario:

As COVID 19 is no longer and we are looking forward back to normal. We need to concentrate on both online and in-store selling. I think we cannot survive by one part. It’s good that everything is coming back to normal and people are going to stores. For us, the product is a more important fact. We don’t search for low price products. When we talk about products, they must be sustainable products in process of production, good quality and long-lasting with good suppliers. We work with very few suppliers at a fair price.

Considering sustainability:

At Gina Tricot, we’ve gathered information about all our sustainability efforts in the section called “Let’s do good”, where we examine all the ways in which the company can take action to become truly more sustainable. We will always strive to improve and find new solutions. We are convinced that in cooperation with other companies and organizations, we can make the textile industry better. We love fashion – and our journey towards becoming a more sustainable company ensures that we can continue to love what we do.

We choose to work with very few numbers of suppliers. We always try to source the best suppliers in Bangladesh. We are not collaborating with any partners who are not involved in sustainability practices. Our suppliers must be sustainable in all aspects i.e raw materials, production.

About Bangladesh Market:

I personally love to visit Bangladesh, as it’s one of my favorite countries. Every time I come here and see huge progress going on. I am really proud to work with amazing people and amazing factories here in Bangladesh. Keep doing what you are doing. There are so many investments going on. I saw there are so many solar panels at the factories that make energy which is very important. There is circuity in the water system and also nice to find circular raw material. I am really humble about what Bangladesh is doing.