Garmon introduced 05 new enzymatic products at Denim Expo in Dhaka.


Garmon Chemicals, a brand owned by Kemin Textile Auxiliaries, is a leader in the R&D and distribution of chemical solutions for the denim and fashion industries. Kemin Textile Auxiliaries provides innovative products and solutions in the garment finishing industry, an essential phase of the apparel-making process. The solutions developed by Kemin Textile Auxiliaries are dedicated to the treatment and washing of jeans and denim and garment dyeing. The innovations created by Garmon Chemicals during the more than 30 years of activity, protected by multiple patents, helped the whole garment finishing industry evolve and improve, establishing a relationship based on trust and respect between the company and its customers.

Garmon team welcomed its customers at Bangladesh Denim Expo, and they introduced 05 new enzymatic products. Team Textile Focus talked Garmon Team and filtered the below points for our readers-

Observation on the current business situation globally:

It’s a challenging moment for the entire industry: we’ve been impacted by the pandemic and inflation in just two years. On top of that, there’s much uncertainty related to the war in Europe.

Despite that, we believe that there is an opportunity in every crisis. The option we all have is to prepare ourselves for the moment when the economic situation will become stable again. We think a global recovery may come sooner than expected because we see resiliency and strength in the textile industry.

Setting a target for challenging 2023:

We are working on two main directions to listen to our customers and partners carefully listen to our customers and partners to give them the solutions they need to remain competitive in this particular moment.

And the second one is to anticipate the needs that will come as soon as the global uncertainty ends, and we believe that many of these needs are related to sustainability.

Feedback on the participation at Bangladesh Denim Expo:

We are delighted with the show, and we believe that, to some extent, it was even better than the show in May. All the people we met were key in the denim industry, and all the discussions and meetings were valuable and positive.


A recent development from Garmon for the industry:

At the Denim Expo, we introduced five new enzymatic products. All the products are part of our Kemzymes range, a set of enzymes created by the Kemin Industry for the needs of the denim business.

We now have a Kemzyme with very strong performance and great pricing for every kind of application: biopolishing, single-step desizing and stone washing, standard stone washing, and even two new products for the so-called waterless process.

Also, in this moment of energy, gas, and water prices that increase drastically, a system that allows washing and dye at room temperature is a game-changer, and the interest shown by our customers in Smart Foam proves that.

Message for Bangladesh Industry:

Bangladesh is the biggest market in ready-made garments, and every time we are here, we feel the energy and passion of all the people involved in the textile industry.

We know that the industry is and will stay here; we must remain committed and keep up the excellent work. Stay strong, Bangladesh; together, we can continue to grow!