Frank And Oak Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary Sharing Progress on their Sustainability Goals


Founded in Montreal in 2012, purpose-led fashion and lifestyle brand, Frank And Oak recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary as a leader in responsible and eco-minded living. What began as a meaningful idea led by a handful of spirited individuals has since blossomed into a team of over 200 people devoted to better living. They are taking this 10-year milestone as an opportunity to restate their pledge to help protect the planet we all call home.

“We work hard on elevating timeless essentials to meet today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s challenges through our commitment to material science and changing the way fashion is produced and consumed,” says Dustin Jones, President of Frank and Oak. “The significant milestones we have achieved embody the hard work we’ve accomplished towards making a positive impact on the fashion industry, but these steps are just the start as we consistently seek a higher standard from ourselves and others.”

In 2019, the company unveiled a series of ambitious goals to achieve by 2022. After 3 years of work, reflection, and learning, they are sharing their progress thus far. Frank And Oak is proud to report that 78% of their assortment is now responsible. This means 78% of products either contain certified low-impact, cruelty-free, organic, biodegradable, or recycled components. In addition, 100% of their denim is responsible, less than 13% of polyester used is virgin and 100% of wool is recycled or cruelty-free. They are actively working towards reaching an assortment that is 100% responsible by gradually removing all virgin plastics and polyester from their supply chain and are dedicating considerable time and energy to uncovering better alternatives.

2022 Progress Report:

  • Removing Virgin Polyester From The Supply Chain: Polyester is now used in less than 13% of Frank And Oak’s assortment, a 22% decrease since 2019. To gradually decrease their reliance on polyester as a sturdy, functional, and versatile material, the brand has invested in more natural and progressive materials. Fibers such as Seacell™, Seawool®, kapok, hemp, and biodegradable polyester don’t require the same large amounts of fossil fuel to produce, hundreds of years to break down, and don’t drive significant land and ocean microplastic pollution.
  • Removing Virgin Plastics From The Supply Chain: Since 2019, Frank And Oak has upgraded all mailers, boxes, and packaging materials to recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. With the global plastic crisis top-of-mind, the brand will next introduce new poly bags made from biodegradable polymers designed to quickly break down and transition tags to be produced from biodegradable sugarcane paper and printed using soy-based inks.
  • Increasing The Use of Renewable Energies: As they continue their global expansion, so has their resolve to build and furnish using eco-friendly considerations. For example, 62% of the materials used in their recently-unveiled Shanghai store, are fully recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Encouraging Zero-Waste Philosophy And Fostering Community Spirit: Frank And Oak has extended its circular and zero-waste commitments to its entire design philosophy. 100% of their denim is responsible and 55% of their denim assortment is composed of recycled content. In 2021, they collaborated with Thousand Fell to introduce their first-ever fully circular and recyclable shoe.

These achievements and learnings further the brand’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment with an emphasis on innovation of material science, sustainable design, utilizing recycled materials, and harnessing renewable energy sources and carbon offsets. These results are merely stepping stones as Frank And Oak continues to perfect their products and operations to help build a more sustainable and climate-positive future.