Digital marketing in the digital fashion world


Srabani Mallick

In the modern era, there is a constant touch of modernity in fashion.  Nowadays the online fashion market is so crowded that it can make your brand stand out from others.  In this digital world everything is connected through the internet which helps everyone to engage with others. Internet and digital marketing will not only improve your sales but also increase your followership and brand image.  Digital marketing ideas in the right manner will expose your product to the target audience and help create an effective and measurable promotional campaign for the brand.

What does digital marketing mean in this fashion world?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that increases the reactiveness, adaptability and proactiveness of brands and helps change social trends by communicating with target customers through advertising or merchandising. Through digital marketing, brands understand the minds of consumers and present themselves accordingly. Digital marketing is helping people to be fluent with the new trends which are benefiting the leading fashion business a lot. Hence digital marketing techniques are being used in fashion activity. The Fashion was first launched in 1990. After that Net-a-Porter, WGSN and came into the digital fashion world. Also, there are numerous ways to reach customers like social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, website marketing and many more.

What is the role of digital marketing in the fashion industry?

Digital marketing is a communication medium for promoting products and services in a cost-effective manner. It provides the necessary tools to increase brand awareness and long-term profitability as it engages with followership. Digital marketing is a form of direct marketing that digitally connects buyers with merchandisers through interactive technologies such as social networks, email, websites, mobile dispatch, online forums as well as newsgroups, interactive TV, etc., and they make incontinent decisions for products or services. There are many textile and fashion media platforms around the world where producers can take advantage of these platforms by creating various international or domestic internal blogs or content related to textiles. Currently, various companies are communicating with foreign buyers using e-mail marketing tools which are the most widely used form of textile and apparel manufacturing. Digital marketing is driving the world of fashion-forward by facilitating digital sales mode.

How can fashion digital marketing strengthen your brand presence and increase sales?

  • Retargeting: Usually people cannot make a decision to buy a product by visiting an ad or a website once. In that case, retargeting website visitors is the solution.  Retargeting is when a visitor visits your website once and then sees your ad wherever they go online.  Thus seeing your brand’s ads 10-15 times a day will increase brand promotion and product sales.
  • Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is usually done by using social media. Currently, its success rate is very high and it is also important in overall marketing.  In this case, using fashion models can be a strategy in influencer marketing. It is best to use models who have a large following on Facebook or Instagram which helps in getting reviews or endorsements for the brand.
  • Email or SMS Reminders: There are some visitors who buy from different websites infrequently or regularly. In this case, many times they visit different pages of the website at different times and leave their desired products in the ‘favorites’ or ‘add to cart’ list.  So that they can conveniently buy later.  A person can like many brands.  That’s why he visits the websites of all the brands and can put his favorite products in ‘favorites’ or ‘add to cart’.  In this case, he may forget your brand many times because he does it on all the websites of his favorite brands.  So email or SMS reminders can be sent to people who have ‘favorites’ or ‘add to cart’ products on your website which will help increase sales.
  • Birthday Wishes: Birthdays are always an emotional affair for everyone. On birthday one gets wishes from numerous places – from his family, well-wisers, loved ones etc. and he also expects it.  Now if you wish your customer on his birthday, he will feel a little different, surprised and think that you care or value him differently because he doesn’t expect it.  This way your brand loyalty will increase as well as your sales.
  • Style Guide: A style guide is a collection of various clothes of a brand such as shirts, t-shirts, denim, etc. and making a book or guides with them. The book describes in story form how to wear clothes, matching clothes and what clothes are best for which season.  Not only that, the details of what materials are used in making the clothes, why these materials are used, etc. are explained there. You can put this on your website and promote it.

Will Fashion and Apparel Brands Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2023?

Here are some pointers to help develop successful digital marketing for businesses and apparel brands:

1: To increase your brand recognition:

As a fashion brand, building brand awareness is an important initial step in this approach. In order to establish brand awareness and brand loyalty, one needs to know customers and have an understanding of customer preferences. 69 percent of marketing brands use social media to increase their recognition and 52% use it to enhance online traffic.

2: Get a website of your own brand:

Nowadays people’s shopping habits have changed. Many people now feel comfortable shopping online or at home instead of in stores. So fashion brands should create their own website! As a result, the website will be the physical manifestation of your brand and people will know and connect with your company.

3: To join the social world:

Fashion brands must-have marketing on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. That will help you engage with your audience and build a relationship. These platforms can also be used to showcase and market your items. If the audience likes something while browsing the catalog, they can buy it immediately.

4: Connect an influencer to your brand

One of the most effective ways to advertise a fashion brand’s clothing business is to tweet pictures of influencers wearing your items. When an influencer shares photos and video posts on their own profile or social media, others follow them. Using Post Schedule and RecurPost to post images and videos is the most satisfactory solution. RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule Facebook posts on your groups, profiles and pages to engage your audience with entertaining content.

5: Use the latest technology:

We are currently in the midst of a technological revolution.  Rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) such as chatbots are examples of this.  Chatbots guide customers through the checkout process acting as customer care representatives when they land on your site.

Some fruitful applications of digital marketing in the fashion industry……

  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the digital marketing applications to reach specific targets in the fashion industry. It is a communication and promotion medium where you can easily promote your brand through interesting posts, continuous ads and interesting trivia. Facebook’s marketing strategy not only promotes the brand but also helps to create brand awareness, increase online following, collect leads and sell products or services.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest Marketing is a powerful strategic marketing tool that has the power to help you organically increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, increase conversions, increase sales etc. It is a set of strategies that are an excellent place to advertise and market fashion brands. This way it acts as larger social media marketing for your business. In order to promote a fashion brand through Pinterest, there are some points to consider such as how customers search for products, use of board categories, collaboration with influencers, top-notch images, etc.
  • Instagram: The number one platform for fashion inspiration is Instagram which is a visual medium where information is communicated through print. Instagram stories and live fashion are great ways to connect with buyers and create unique snapshots of your brand.
  • YouTube: YouTube is another visual medium that helps to attract interested people and make your website more important by creating engaging videos. It is a marketing tool that can be a great social media tool if used well. Globally, luxury and fashion brands are becoming more present on social media and both are focusing on YouTube.
  • Twitter: Twitter has emerged as one of the most used and active social media channels across the globe today. If this incredible social media platform for fashion brands is used effectively, it can greatly help in connecting with people and growing businesses. Participants on this platform can engage in real-time conversations on any topic with anyone around the world.




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