Denimsandjeans India Is Back After 3 Years !


Denimsandjeans announces the fourth edition of Denimsandjeans India show to be held at Bangalore on June 8-9, 2022.  The show is happening after a big gap of 3 years  when the country has almost completely recovered from Covid , most of the population is double vaccinated and by June booster dose will have been administered to most of the urban population. This makes the time very safe for visitors to attend. Besides, the Denimsandjeans team is also taking all measures to have a covid safe environment at the show with social distancing etc. Besides the Indian retail scene is hotting up as the organized players are all in expansion mode with sales booming for the last one year. Their sourcing has also increased significantly from Bangladesh and about 15 million denim garments were exported from Bangladesh to India in 2021.

The theme of the show has been announced as “GREENABLE”.  In response to covid, many global brands have incorporated green inputs into their products and have been raising the bar for sustainable productions in their supply chain.   Indian brands have also become much more conscious about the need to monitor and regularize the inputs going into their products from the supply chain. WFH has been another factor which has creates lifestyle changes among the consumers leading them into sedentary situations for long periods. This change in lifestyle also reflected in consumer purchases making them search for more comfort in the apparel .  This necessitated changes at fibre, weaving, sewing and washing levels to reduce the wear stress on the body.
GREEN AND COMFORTABLE combine to form the new theme for the show -GREENABLE.

PIONEER DENIM – the denim unit of the well reputed and globally known Badshah group is joining from Bangladesh.  Besides, SYNERGIES WORLDWIDE – a major sourcing and supply chain company which exports a big quantity of garments from Bangladesh to the world – is also participating in the show to reach out to Indian brands and customers.  Other  corporates from India, Europe, Turkey nd other countries include  Arvind, Bhaskar, LNJ, Ginni, Hyosung, Nandan, Jeanologia (Spain) , Global Wash House , VAV, KG Denim, Spectrum , Lenzing, Oswal Denim, Jindal, Raymonds, SF Dyes , Blu Connection, Siyaram, Anubha, WEKO (Germany) , Ultra, Deridesen(Turkey) , Nandan, Kemin, Fashion Accessories, Ramsons, Suryalakshmi, Fibro Organic, Lion Fabrics, Officina, Texenzyme, Synergies Bangladesh, Lycra, Vinod Denim, Zytex Corporation,   Reliance Industries and many others under waiting list.

Sandeep Agarwal, founder Denimsandjeans was very optimistic on the show prospects amid growth in organized retail. “An important aspect of the Indian market post covid has been the shift from unorganized towards the organized retail market. The impact of covid, taxation changes and consumer behaviour have resulted in an ongoing shift towards the organized retail – which used to be less than 20% of the whole till recently. Most denim brands and retailers that we speak to have increased their volumes by large percentages in 2021 and this has resulted in most Indian garment producers expanding their productions both for local and international markets. I also expect more international brands to be at our show to source denim as they seek to shift from China and place more orders in South Asia”

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