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Denim Sunglasses: A new trend in Fashion

Naimul Hasan


Denim Sunglasses: A new trend in FashionMost of us have used some kind of apparel made out of Denim fabric as it is very famous worldwide. Especially the Jeans pant and jacket are the most commonly used product which is made out of denim fabric. Generally, the denim fabric has a higher GSM value, around 280-520 GSM. This gives the denim produces a higher abrasion resistance. So this is a perfect contender to be used as a day-to-day life outfit. The global demand of denim fabric is around 7000-8000 million meters per year, and it is constantly increasing day by day. The total value of the worldwide denim fabric market in 2018 was $19.70 billion, and it is estimated that it will be around $25.40 billion by 2025. So it can be clearly understood that we use a huge amount of denim fabric all over the world. When we are done with those jeans pants or jackets, we simply throw them away. We do not reuse or recycle those denim products. This brings up the denim-based waste problem. However, fashion designers have come up with a brilliant idea to reuse the used denim products. They are producing sunglasses made out of used denim products. Denim sunglasses are becoming popular as a new fashion item day by day. We will have a brief discussion about the production process of denim sunglasses.

The production process of the denim sunglasses

Raw material processing

Denim Sunglasses: A new trend in FashionThrown-away denim products are used as the raw material for making denim sunglasses. Generally, there is no sustainable way to reuse denim products. So here we have emphasized reusing denim products to reduce denim wastage. We can use denim pants and jackets as the primary raw material source. However, all the denim fabrics are not of the same GSM. Depending on the GSM of the fabric, we decided how many layers should be used to make the denim composite.

Denim composite (with Resin matrix)

Making the denim composite is an essential part of this project. A composite material is consisted of matrix and filler materials. In this project, we use the denim fabric as the filler material and the Epoxy resin is used as the matrix. At first, we cut the denim fabric into rectangular shapes. In order to make the front frame of the sunglass we cut the denim fabric having a dimension of 200 mm x 100 mm. Multiple layers of the same dimensional fabric are cut out off the denim products. In order to cut out the temples and other parts of the sunglasses we make denim composite having the dimension of 180 mm x 250 mm. After cutting the denim fabric we dip them into the epoxy resin and make sure that they are fully submerged. Then we take them out and pile them up onto each other. Generally, 3-10 layers of denim fabric are used to make a single sheet of denim composite according to its end use. We use external pressure on the composite sheet so that we can get rid of the excessive amount of resin. All the layers are hold together by using several clamps in place. It is kept like this for 24-48 hours so that it can get solidified. After that we take off the clamps and the denim composite is ready to be used for further process.

Denim Sunglasses: A new trend in Fashion

Laser cutting

After preparing the denim composite, it is time to cut the different parts of the denim sunglasses out of the denim composite sheet. We can use the laser cutter to cut the parts in this case. Dimension of different parts of the sunglasses is uploaded into the laser cutter so that it can cut the pieces out of the denim composite. However, different kinds of denim sunglasses have different dimensions. So we need to make sure that we upload the correct command into the laser cutter. Here we can see the dimensional properties of different kind of denim sunglasses in the table below.

Frame Lens Width


Lens Depth


Bridge Width


Frame Width


Temple Length


Cassini (Large) 53 45 17 140 145
Cassini (Small) 51 43 16 130 130
Andromeda 53 47 20 141 145
Halley 52 49 22 138 145
Titan 50 38 20 140 145
Kepler 50 47 20 138 145


According to these dimensions, the different parts are cut out of the denim composite by using the laser cutter. The edge of the cut components are then polished by using a Buffing machine.

Joining the components

When the components are ready, they are gulled and screwed in place according to the design of the sunglasses. It is an important process in which the sunglasses get their final shape. Metal caps are placed at the tip of the temples to prevent the edges from rupturing. Metallic hinge systems are in place to join the front frame and temples together. The open edges of the frame are reinforced by epoxy resin to prevent any kind of fraying. When the frame is ready, then the sunglasses’ lenses are carefully placed into them using gentle pressure. We have to check all the parts of the sunglasses to see if they are in the right place and working perfectly. When it is ready, we send it to the finishing section.


Denim Sunglasses: A new trend in FashionIn the finishing section, the main goal is to give a perfect glossy look to the sunglasses. All the components are cleaned thoroughly. A glossy finish is applied over the frame of the sunglasses to give a better look. The lenses of the sunglasses are cleaned carefully with a soft cotton cloth. Everything is then again checked before putting the sunglasses into a protective case. Thus the denim sunglass is ready to be used.

Potential Market of Denim sunglasses

People are now very much concerned about their Fashion and style. The overall income of the society has been increased day by day and people are getting interested to luxurious products. Sunglasses are now being used as a necessary product and as a fashion product as well. These newly developed denim sunglasses are very uncommon in the market. So gradually, people are getting interested about the denim sunglasses. In that case, we need to do more publicity about the new product. The young generation can be our potential customers of these denim sunglasses. They are now very much aware of new fashion trends. They will be more likely to use these new sunglasses as their day-to-day life product. However, the adult population can also be considered our potential customers because they are also very much concerned about their outfits. People are purchasing more and more luxurious items nowadays with the increment of their purchasing ability. So there is a potential market for these denim sunglasses which is yet to be explored.


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