Cone Denim First Launching U.S. Grown Hemp with BastCore


Cone Denim is launching a new U.S.-grown hemp denim collection in collaboration with expert hemp processing innovator, BastCore. As first-to-market, Cone is excited to expand its sustainable denim offerings and increase its support of the American agriculture industry, featuring denim made with Alabama hemp and U.S. cotton and dyed with natural indigo grown in Tennessee.

Cone’s U.S. Hemp Collection includes a range of fabrics featuring classic 3×1 and comfort stretch to modern workwear constructions. The collection further expands upon Cone’s sustainability and traceability practices, driving the future of the industry. The proximity of the hemp, indigo, and cotton crops in the U.S. to the company’s mills in Mexico is also key in creating the smallest environmental impact and footprint possible.

Hemp offers many key benefits in creating the next level of sustainable denim —

  • More than 50% water savings occur, compared to cotton;
  • No chemicals, wet processing, pesticides, or herbicides are used;
  • Hemp grows in a variety of soils with excellent biodegradability, is antimicrobial, has high tensile strength, moisture regain content and tenacity; and
  • Hemp and natural indigo crops have high rates of carbon sequestration, which ultimately benefits the environment and improves the soil’s health for other crops (climate positive).

“This is an exciting milestone for Cone Denim and the denim community,” said Cone Denim President Steve Maggard. “BastCore’s innovation of American hemp opens great opportunities to create sustainable denims made from U.S. sourced agriculture products located in close proximity to Cone’s manufacturing operations in Mexico.” Maggard continued, “U.S. farmers have world-class sustainable growing practices and produce quality products used in Cone’s types of denim including cotton, corn for sizing starch, natural plant-based indigo, and more recently, hemp. We are proud to support the American agriculture industry and work alongside like-minded partners who share our passion and commitment.”

“Cone’s prior work and commitment to sustainable innovations made a perfect fit with BastCore and our mission to bridge the gap between farmers growing hemp and industries demanding cost-competitive, sustainably produced raw materials,” said BastCore Managing Director Austin Bryant. “We are very excited for our work and the progress we’ve made in producing clean quality and consistent fibers for textiles. Developing new products is not easy and involves a number of challenges and obstacles. The expertise and passion of Cone’s product teams provided great collaboration in navigating through those challenges to bring the many advantages of hemp fibers to denim.”

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