CLO Virtual Fashion Welcomes Substance by Adobe, Jeanologia, and ColorDigital Integrations to CLO 6.0


CLO Virtual Fashion, leader in 3D fashion design software, has partnered with Substance by Adobe, tool for creating textures for 3D content, Jeanologia, Spain-based company who specializes in finishing technology solutions for denim, and ColorDigital, pioneer in faultless and expedient color and surface communication, for the release of CLO 6.0. These exciting integrations allow for brands and designers to achieve the flawless workflow they’ve desired by optimizing the entire 3D design process from start to finish and enabling them to sustainably create digital designs that are an exact 1:1 representation of the physical end product.

Since CLO’s inception in 2009, they have been dedicated to cultivating a more creative and sustainable landscape for apparel industries. Each release, they get closer to their mission of virtualizing every single garment on earth, transforming the way we produce and consume garments, and organizing all garment related data to make it useful. With the software’s accelerated simulation engine and unique features, they offer users of CLO, Substance by Adobe, Jeanologia and ColorDigital robust capabilities that will revolutionize their entire design process.

“By providing practical and seamless workflows with Substance by Adobe, Jeanologia and ColorDigital, CLO users can now extend their design continuity to its fullest with their beloved applications. We are extremely thrilled to work with accredited partners to bring augmented value to our users,” says Simon Kim, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion.

“We are excited to collaborate with CLO and empower designers to push the fashion industry forward with 3D technology that expands the definition of what’s possible,” says Francois Cottin, Director of 3D & AR Marketing at Adobe. “The Substance integration unlocks the ability to iterate on materials instantly, present photorealistic designs, and discard unwanted prototypes without any waste. CLO designers are guaranteed an unprecedented level of control and realism and we are eager to see what they will create.”

Substance by Adobe: This integration allows users to import Substance SBSAR files directly into the CLO software, expressing textures and materials more realistically than ever before through physical based rendering technology. These material properties can be customized and edited by the designer, taking true-to-life virtual simulation in 3D apparel design to the next level.

Jeanologia: With this new integration, brands and designers are able to apply a .jean file created in eDesigner directly onto CLO’s garments to visualize and render denim finishes, and then send it straight to a laser machine to begin production using eMark, Jeanologia’s software that is installed in the laser machine.

ColorDigital: Developed by ColorDigital and supported by the German Fashion Institute, the DMIx Cloud© is a cloud-based solution created to achieve hyperrealistic digitized materials. The DMIx Cloud© allows global designers and suppliers to share information at the highest possible level in terms of color and surface textures of fabrics. Through this new integration, designers and brands using CLO are able to drag and drop textures and colors from the DMIx Cloud© that is accessible via web browser and apply these directly to their garments in the CLO software with all visual factors of the fabric taken into account.

Josep Maria Carbonell, Software Developer Director at Jeanologia says, “Today more than ever we need to implement digitization in our industry. Design, digital collection and 3D virtual reality are going to be key to recovery. With the integration of eDesigner and CLO, we are able to make the dreams of designers a reality by connecting designers with wash developers and brands with manufacturers. It will be a complete transformation in the jeans industry.”

CLO seeks to provide the most advanced, groundbreaking features in 3D design technology and by partnering with these three innovative and future-forging companies, they aim to do exactly that.

“With this Partnership we enable the 3D Artist to use the libraries of their suppliers by a simple drag and drop of the material from the DMIx Cloud© directly on to their creations. This being done while keeping the full DMIx© quality in terms of color and PBR Standard based material,” says Gerd Willschütz, COO of ColorDigital. “This enables a holistic approach of digital product development between brands and vendors on a common standard including master data, by using the most advanced raw material and trims solution in conjunction with the leading 3D garment technology.”

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