BYBORRE Announces New Sustainable Structure With its 2022 “EDITION11™” Collection


In an open letter titled “LESS IS BETTER” and addressed “Dear Industry, Creators, Brands, and Dear  World,” BYBORRE Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Borre Akkersdijk outlined the progress for the label. Noting that since 2015 BYBORRE has “actively challenged the textile industry to be better, to create more consciously and to be transparent in what the industry does,” and now it has turned the magnifying glass on itself.

Opening the conversation by showcasing and proving what is possible with its EDITIONS™ in-house label, BYBORRE has taken the last six months to review its place in the conversation of sustainability in fashion. Investigating its impact and textile usage, the imprint has repositioned its mission to “create conscious creators.” Expressing that it “should not solely be limited to the textile manufacture and composition alone” and should strive to “educate and inform on all levels of the process, from yarn to textile to product.”

With its new outlook, BYBORRE has announced that its “EDITION11™” collection will be its sole collection of 2022. Utilizing its award-winning CREATE™ textile creation platform to create conscious and aesthetic designs that continues to be reflective of its usage of textile.

“We will continue to rewrite the rules of responsible textile creation, digitize the design- and production process and provide Textile-as-a-Service. Further refining our patterns and lines to limit waste, assessing the collection size for concise yet optimum representation by working with a condensed selection of key pieces and new styles and stepping further away from the relentless fashion calendar,” said Borre Akkersdijk.

Ending the poignant and thoughtful open letter with a passage directed towards the fashion industry.

“We strongly believe that the industry must do better, for the sake of the planet and ourselves and by showcasing what is possible, educating and taking a stand, we can instigate that change – together. We will continue to do our part, push boundaries, ask questions and support anyone willing to do better but we cannot do it alone. Whether you are a creator, brand, industry leader or consumer, we implore you to actively ask questions, demand more transparent production supply chains and push for less but better products.”

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