Budget: BTMA urges to govt for imposing VAT Tk.3/kg of all types Yarn.

Today BTMA organized a Press Conference at BTMA Office on the Budget Proposals of FY 2021-22 and Mohammad Ali Khokon, President, BTMA along with the Board of Directors of BTMA invited all print and electronic media people in the Press Conference.
First of all BTMA President appraised the significance of Budget Proposals which are very important. Also BTMA urges the Government to include the following issues in the budget:
To impose VAT of TK 3/KG to all the yarn (whichever fiber it is made of)
To determine Tax at Source of 0.25% to encourage the export business and to facilitate the textile sector for importing all kinds of spare parts at 1% Tax rate.
Requesting not to implement the 18(ga) of SRO of VAT and supplementary duty otherwise cost of doing business and ease of doing business will be hampered.
..To re-determine the fabric tariff value at import stage.
In the press conference President ,BTMA also talked about the contribution of Textile Sector and how the backward linkage industry is doing retention. Also he thanked Honorable Prime Minister for her continuous endeavor in making Bangladesh a developing country.
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