BGMEA President for training local fashion designers in high-end fashionable garments


BGMEA President Faruque Hassan has underscored the need for providing Bangladeshi designers with the skills, knowledge and resources to enable them to present Bangladeshi culture and fashion internationally.

“Bangladesh has the potential to promote and develop high-end fashionable garments using homegrown fabrics and materials like Muslin, Jamdani, Khadi etc. If we can provide training to our young and talented fashion designers, they will be able to design high-value garments by linking the rich culture and heritage of Bangladesh with fashion,” he said.

“It will help us to promote Bangladesh internationally by projecting our culture and fashion and also to export our products globally,” he added.

Faruque Hassan made the remarks while addressing a validation workshop on the proposed module for training Bangladeshi fashion designers and RMG workers in producing high-end garments.

The WTO Cell of the Ministry of Commerce organized the workshop as part of its “Export Diversification and Competitiveness Development Project” at the auditorium of CIRDAP in Dhaka on April 6.

Senior Secretary of the Commerce Ministry Tapan Kanti Ghosh, Additional Secretary of Ministry of Commerce Nusrat Jabeen Banu, Chair of BGMEA Standing Committee on SDG Wasim Zakariah, Designer and Founder of Neval Ms. Anadil Johnson, faculties and students of BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology were present at the workshop.

The workshop aimed to have discussion with stakeholders on the proposed module that has been prepared to train local fashion designers and RMG workers to develop their skills in designing high-end garments using homegrown textiles and fabrics.

The training will be conducted under the Centre of Innovation, Efficiency and Occupational and Safety and Health (CIEOSH) based on the module.