Bangladesh is always known as the Hub of Denim – Qazi Shamveel, Country Manager, Naveena Denim


Due to the pandemic situation, European Union and the world put the effort into textiles, clothes, footwear, and accessories supply chains, in the midst of an ongoing social and climate crisis. On another hand, the COVID has seriously impacted major manufacturing hubs (China, India, and Italy), leading to major supply disorders. Textile industry is the heart of our economy. We have developed our industry a lot and there are so many remarkable developments we have already achieved i.e Green Industry, Compliance Factory, industry best practices etc. Team Denim Focus talked with industry owners and stake holders and took a quick feedback regarding present business situation. Qazi Shamveel, Country Manager, Naveena Denim, recently shared his opinion about recent scenario of RMG industry with Denim Focus.

Bangladesh market for Naveena Denim:

Bangladesh is always known as the Hub of Denim as it is one of the important Centre of denim apparel production and export around the world. Among all the major textile and apparel producing countries, Bangladesh is the largest denim exporter for Europe and the third largest in the US after Mexico and China. Bangladesh made denim holds a 22.88% share in the EU and 11.35% in US Denim markets as denim exports have seen 11.16% growth over the last five years.

Last year in 2020, when overall apparel exports went through a turmoil situation, Bangladesh became the largest denim exporter for US market. It increased to 20.03% taking first position from Mexico. Whereas if we talk about EU market, Bangladesh holds around 29% market share earning up to 1 Billion euros.

Talking about my experience; I really love this country and the people of Bangladesh are very kind and full of enthusiasm, I have been living in Bangladesh for the last 3 years while working since 2014 for Bangladesh, they have made a remarkable progress compared to Pakistani Garment Industry, they are doing remarkable achievements with their garment factories and getting stronger in denim fabric as well.