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At this moment Bangladesh is the most engrossed and promising market in the denim industry

Bhaskar Industries, is a Vertically Integrated Denim Mill under one roof, with an annual capacity of 44 million meters. Ever since the first loom kicked into action in the year 1998 — it has remained focused and responsive to the demands of the Jeans-Scape. Consistency in quality, timely delivery, and keeping pace with the changing fashion trends has given it a desired position in the denim industry. With a strong product development team at the core and expertise of international designers, Bhaskar Industries is surging ahead with a basket of innovative products, to prime world markets in major garmenting centers. Bhaskar has its own overseas and domestic offices and direct representations in many countries. Md. Nurul MOMEN is working as Country Head, Bangladesh operation, Bhaskar Denim. Recently team Denim Focus had a conversation with Mr. MOMEN regarding the recent denim business trend. Key discussion points are mentioned below-

At this moment Bangladesh is the most engrossed and promising market in the denim industry

At this moment Bangladesh is the most engrossed and promising market in the denim industry-

Md. Nurul Momen, Country Head, Bangladesh operation, Bhaskar Denim

Denim Focus: Could You please share with us the recent scenario of the global Denim Industry?  

Nurul MOMEN: There is no doubt that 2022 will be a robust year for the denim industry not only for Bangladesh but also globally. The post-pandemic market and demand have boomed as denim is the most demanding apparel material for all ages. Major factors that are expected to boost the growth of the denim market are the rise in the urbanization and increasing trend of denim wear. Currently, denim is a vital and fashionable item in every wardrobe. Furthermore, the growing popularity of stretchable denim jeans by blending cotton with synthetic material is further anticipated to propel the growth of the denim market. Though the industry is facing huge challenges in the cotton market, material price hikes and supply-chain congestion; the denim market is expected to witness market growth at a rate of 6.7% in the forecast period of 2022 to 2029.  The rise in the consumer disposable income levels is escalating the growth of the denim market as well.

Denim Focus: What is the latest innovation of Bhaskar Denim on fabric diversification? 

Nurul MOMEN: In recent times we have been concentrating mostly on the comfort area. Due to the COVID-19 situation, most of the people are working from home and thus we have developed a variety of travelers and comforter categories. Apart from that, considering sustainability; we have strengthened our sustainable range in recycled cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel, hemp, linen, modal, organic and other blends. As a divergence, we have introduced jacquard designs, printing, coating etc. to add value on the denim.

At this moment Bangladesh is the most engrossed and promising market in the denim industry
Photo: Md. Nurul MOMEN is showing fabric to Md. Rakibul Islam, Special Correspondent, Denim Focus

Denim Focus: How does Bhaskar Denim maintain Sustainability? 

Nurul MOMEN: Sustainability is the demand of time now and it has become an obvious factor to save the global environment. Bhaskar believes in the philosophy of reduce-reuse-recycle and is committed to making the environment more sustainable and better by:

  • Use of recycled fibers as an integral part of product development and innovation.
  • Zero water discharge, Energy conservation, Rainwater harvesting.
  • Increased use of water-saving processes in dyeing and finishing. We have already implemented a concept “Mantra Blue” that can save water up to 91% throughout the process.
  • We have introduced Bio-indigo, which is natural indigo that comes from Indigofera leaves.

Denim Focus: You are participating in the Bangladesh Denim Expo and what will be presented to attract global buyers? 

Nurul MOMEN: Yes, we will exhibit our products in the upcoming denim expo as a regular exhibitor. This time we shall focus mostly on our sustainable ranges, natural and eco-friendly indigo and some new innovations and concepts to attract global buyers. Bangladesh Denim Expo is truly a great platform for us to showcase our products.

Denim Focus: How do you see the Bangladesh market and future plan?

Nurul MOMEN: At this moment Bangladesh is the most engrossed and promising market in the denim industry. The demand is increasing day by day and despite some other new mills coming into the business, still, mills from other countries have good opportunities to grow more to back up the domestic shortfall. As Bhaskar denim believes in creativity, our future plan is to focus on the market on unconventional products in parallel.

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